Getting Back to Work

One of the things I found myself doing during this most recent trip was thinking a lot about the last year and trying to plan and prioritize the next few months. I’m now six months […]


Hanging out on the coast

Laurie and I just returned from 10 days on the road, taking a nice vacation where we both mostly unplugged. This trip was originally going to be a visit to Yellowstone, but between the 100th […]


Occam’s Fireaxe #2: Hiding on a Desert Island

About this episode On this episode of Occam’s Fireaxe I talk about the ten authors and books I’d carry with me when I go off to hide on a desert island to avoid the upcoming […]


First impressions of the Fuji X-T2

I took the X-T2 out for its first photos yesterday to a favorite spot for this kind of testing: the sewage settling ponds on Radio Road in Redwood Shores. This is a great place for […]


Apple Event: No Major Surprises

Appleinsider: For regular AppleInsider readers, last week’s Apple event came with no major surprises, as the rumor mill signaled exactly what to expect from the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. Well, except for…. […]


Going, going… (and jury duty!)

It’s been almost exactly a month since my doctor and I started tinkering with the prescriptions. First up we swapped out Actos for Victoza, and then a couple of weeks later, we swapped out my […]


My X-T2 is here! First looks (and under test: USB Chargers)

Last night UPS stopped by and knocked on the door. Inside the box was my new toy, the Fuji X-T2. Last night I pulled it out, charged the battery and played with it a bit. […]


My thoughts on the iPhone 7 and yesterday’s announcements

It’s the morning after the introduction of the iPhone 7, and I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain my thoughts on the products announced yesterday and the event itself. In reading the coverage, […]


What’s in my Camera Bag

Over the last couple of years my camera kit has shifted from my shooting 100% with Canon towards the Fuji mirrorless. Fuji took over my wide angle work — primarily landscape — in 2014 with […]


2016 SFBBO Photo Contest

I’ve typically not submitted images to many contests — something I’m working to raise in my priority list — but I have over the last few years is the annual photo contest for the San […]


Reprocessing old images… Two Examples

A basic fact of a photographer’s life: you go looking through your image collection, and you see images that make you think I can do better than that. What I normally do is flag them […]


iPhone 7 and the death of the headphone jack…

One of the controversies leading up to the release of the iPhone 7 is the rumored end of the headphone jack. This has some people up in arms, and it’s been a kerfuffle the likes […]


Apple’s fall product event: September 7

So as expected Apple has sent out invites for their fall event and that’s for next week on the 7th. For some reason, it seems my invite got lost in the mail (again), so I’ll […]


Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our National Parks: a treasure owned by all of us

August 25, 2016 was the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the National Park System here in the United States; this is the organization that oversees the National Parks and other protected facilities. As someone […]


Announcing Occam’s Fireaxe, a new podcast about books

I seem to have committed podcast… About Occam’s Fireaxe Occam’s Fireaxe is a podcast by Internet veteran and two-time Hugo Award nominated Chuq Von Rospach. Every two weeks Chuq will have a short discussion on […]