The challenge of pervasive health monitoring

My piece on Apple’s glucose monitoring project spawned a number of interesting discussions, and that’s led me to think there’s another chapter in this story to discuss. That’s the downsides of our move into constant biometric monitoring,...
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Apple’s rumored Glucose Monitoring Product

There have been some recent discussion about the revelation that Apple is working on a device that would monitor a person’s blood glucose. This device would be non-invasive; i.e. it wouldn’t require lancing a finger to draw blood. Jean-Louis Gassee has a...
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Nesting Bald Eagles in the Bay Area

Much to pretty much everyone's surprise, a pair of bald eagles decided to nest in a tree in the front of an elementary school in Milpitas. This is unusual for a few reasons, because this species usually nests near water and they are generally not terribly happy at...
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Quick Trip to Morro Bay (spoilers: Otter pictures!)

I decided I was ready for a break so I took off and spent a couple of nights down in Morro Bay to unplug. It was also a chance to beta test how well I travel since I've changed to taking insulin (answer: everything worked fine, thanks, although I think I want to start...
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Design notes on the redesign

When I went on sabbatical a year ago, one of the first things I did was redesign this site. So why am I doing it again a year later? Not (just) because I was bored. I’ve found my needs changed, especially since I launched Occam’s Fireaxe. The previous...
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Welcome to the latest version of this site. (what do you think?)

Well, it took a bit more work than I expected to get this launched, but it's up. Welcome to the latest re-design of What do you think?
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My Emergency Kit

Like most intelligent people, I keep an emergency kit in the car. Since we live in Silicon Valley, we also have to worry about that next significant earthquake, and the authorities recommend everyone set up an emergency kit in case bad things happen. I've kept that...
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My Birding Field Kit

This is the list of of gear I carry with me when I go out birding. What's the bare minimum you need to carry to go out birding? A good attitude and a comfortable pair of shoes. Just go out and walk, look around, and see what you see. As you get more interested in the...
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Getting started in bird photography: Choose Your Weapons

I frequently get asked about about buying gear to get started in bird photography, primarily from people who have outgrown their point and shoots and are interested in upgrading. The reality is that you aren't going to go far in Bird Photography with a standard point...
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2017 Playoffs Predictions: 2nd round

The first round of the playoffs had some amazing hockey. It also had 18 overtime games showing a parity in the league that is crazy in a good way. And the Sharks lost to Edmonton, deserved to, and I was really impressed by the Oilers team and their ability to adapt...
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Occam’s Fireaxe Podcast


Occam’s Fireaxe is a monthly podcast where I sit down and review two books for you in 30 minutes or less. Most of the books will be science fiction or fantasy, but I will occasionally sidetrack into history, biography or something off the wall that caught my eye. If you’re trying to find the next book to sit down and enjoy, Occam’s Fireaxe has my recommendations for you.

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