2017-2018 NHL Playoff Predictions (1st round edition)

With the NHL regular season ended, it's time for my annual tradition of embarrassing myself by picking teams for the playoffs and for winning the Stanley cup. But first, a quick look back at my regular season predictions. In the East, I picked five teams as guaranteed...
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When birding goes magical

On Sunday, April 8, five of us assembled at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve in South Santa Clara County for a Big Sit in support of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Birdathon event, which raises funds every year for the chapter activities. This preserve is fairly new...
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Getting back on the horse

It’s April. That means the first quarter of 2018 is finished. Does that thought freak you out? Time is flying by, it seems to me. At the end of December I started my new job, I took on responsibility for the Birdathon committee for SCVAS, and things rapidly became a...
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Come Bird with Me on April 8!

My Big Sit at Shoreline I led the first event of the birdathon, a Big Sit at Shoreline Lake. Three of us spent a Sunday morning looking for as many species of birds as we could. For those who are new to this, a big sit is just that: you choose a location, and you stay...
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Apple’s Education Event

I was going to write about this in more detail, slept on it, and decided just to do a quick thought on it here. You’re welcome. I loved the event. I see Apple is getting criticism for what they announced and the pricing, and in some ways that’s fully justified. But…....
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Review: Warby Parker

One thing I did early in 2018 was get new glasses. My prescription was more than overdue, and I was definitely noticing the change, both in sharpness while trying to take pictures and eye fatigue while reading. I probably shouldn’t have waited that long, but for...
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William Neill, Photographer: A Retrospective

William Neill, Photographer Buy on Amazon I grew up visiting Yosemite National Park on a regular basis, and so that location is a favorite of mine, and as a landscape photographer, it's iconic scenery is of great interest to me. I've done my share of photography...
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Come bird with me on March 25

If you're here in the Bay Area, please mark down Sunday, March 25 on your calendar and come join me for a morning of birding. I'll be hosting a Big Sit near Shoreline Lake from 9AM to 1PM that day. I'm doing this as part of Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society's annual...
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Monday miscellany…

A bunch of little topics this week, from the state of the office to blockchains to Google and a rant about how broken Facebook is. Enjoy and let me know what you think… The Office So, in the last week… the carpet should have arrived in the warehouse Friday and I’m...
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When your definition of good changes

Now that the work on my new office is moving to contractors for a while, it’s letting me start thinking about photography again, and I’m starting to work on the Youtube channel again. One of the things I plan on doing for the channel on a regular basis is showing how...
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7 hours ago
This may be the first time since giving up the season tickets I really miss being in the arena https://t.co/Kw2gRgzviY
chuq photo
David Pollak @PollakOnSharks
Inside SAP, Game 4. Blood in the water? https://t.co/4jZbZ3Y69s
9 hours ago
Since I’m there primarily because of others I have to connect with there, it depends on whether others do it en masses or not. I’m skeptical. https://t.co/gGamEAVaLp
chuq photo
John Paczkowski @JohnPaczkowski
Would You Pay $11 For Ad-Free Facebook? (Insert Betteridge's law joke here) https://t.co/yjUG5OI2sV via @kantrowitz https://t.co/7iloR1Dxb7
3 days ago
Enough to get your attention! https://t.co/8k2SH9kSIY

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