Three Dot Lounge for September 21, 2014

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Why Apple Didn’t Use Sapphire iPhone Screens

Why Apple Didn’t Use Sapphire iPhone Screens

A great look at this beyond the hype. The sapphire screen is a great example of the kind of noise that can made in the Apple “pundit” world and out into the “real” journalists who cover the company. A rumor site sees a patent or hears a rumor, does a quick look into it, and then starts hyping it without really understanding it — because what they want is pageviews, and deep, reasoned discussion of a complex topic is terrible at generating pageviews. Instead, you flog the dead horse until it twitches to get people hyped and talking, and suddenly you have a kerfluffle. And over time, if new info comes out, the rumor sites either rewrite their ideas to fit, or rumble about how Apple is screwing it up, as if it’s Apple’s fault the rumor site was getting it wrong all of the time…

All while Apple is off building a really good product, which seems incidental these days to how the rumor and supposition industry works…