Three Dot Lounge for February 23, 2015

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On the iPhone’s profit distortion field and Apple TV

On the iPhone’s profit distortion field and Apple TV

Though I have faith that Apple isn’t shunting the iPad due to its less-than-measurable sales against the iPhone, it’s not the only other product in the company’s wheelhouse. The Apple TV in particular hasn’t seen a whole lot of love in recent years, even as company CEO Tim Cook proclaimed it no longer “a hobby” product.

I think the reason the Apple TV hasn’t been heavily updated over the last few years is pretty straightforward. It’s not about the tech, it’s about the media relationships. I expect there’s some really nice Apple TV hardware sitting on the drawing board waiting because it makes no sense to ship it until the market matures and Apple can build the content relationships that make a “next generation” device worth shipping.

I also think that day is getting closer, as the networks and media creators are starting to come to grip with the wire cutters and the millennials and realizing they aren’t going to be convinced to come back to Cable or Satellite TV in its current form — but we’re not there yet.

I wish everyone would move faster here, but at the same time, one thing Apple always shows is patience, and a willingness to wait until they can ship the product they envision and not some compromise nobody is happy with because that’s what the market and analysts are whining for…