David duChemin On Real Photographers — Three Dot Lounge for Photography for July 12, 2015

David duChemin: On Real Photographers.

We’re so fond of definitions and categories. We need them. Without them how would we exclude those who threaten us, threaten our living, or our artistic sensibilities? Have you ever noticed how conveniently those definitions always include us, how the borders defined by the exclusion they map out seem to change in relation to the way we change? We are always in.

David DuChemin is always an interesting read who looks at the field away from the techy and geeky bits, which I find refreshing. Here, he digs into the whole “who is a real photographer?” clique problem and I must admit, I think he’s exactly right. The fact is, all the complaining about the new wave of digital photographers (which I’ll note includes me, even though I cut my teeth on Tri-X and a wet darkroom decades ago) won’t bring back the “good old days”, not that they ever were. Time to stop trying to exclude people and figure out how to build your own place in the new reality.


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