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Threedotlounge (tag line: The Internet without the noise) was an experiment I tried over a few months to integrate some topic-specific mailing lists into my content world. I found it was a great way to create higher-quality content around a specific idea or theme but as my long-term goals for the site changed, I decided it required more time to create than I felt I wanted to spend on it, and that I was creating too many places for my content at a time when I was trying to simplify my online environment, both to make it easier for people to find what I’m doing and for me to manage.

That said, I could see moving back into mailing lists at some point depending on how things go in the future, especially with the hockey newsletter, which seems to be perfect for that kind of self-contained environment. But for now, I’m archiving this project and it’s content here.

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Three Dot Lounge: A compendium of interesting things and opinions


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Three Dot Lounge for Photography: A Compendium of things photographic

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Teal Sunglasses: Three Dots of Hockey and Sports