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New and Updated Desktop Wallpapers

I've been planning to add some new wallpapers to the collection for a couple of months and never quite getting to it, but this recent shift in how I want my images to look and revamp of my processing workflow forced my hand, since these images are the ones shown on my...
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Old Images and New Tools

Everything old is new again One of my goals this year is to submit more images to more contests and see how they perform. The Nature Conservancy is one of the organizations I support, and it's time for their annual contest, so I decided to select some images and...
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Getting back on the horse

It’s April. That means the first quarter of 2018 is finished. Does that thought freak you out? Time is flying by, it seems to me. At the end of December I started my new job, I took on responsibility for the Birdathon committee for SCVAS, and things rapidly became a...
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William Neill, Photographer: A Retrospective

William Neill, Photographer Buy on Amazon I grew up visiting Yosemite National Park on a regular basis, and so that location is a favorite of mine, and as a landscape photographer, it's iconic scenery is of great interest to me. I've done my share of photography...
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When your definition of good changes

Now that the work on my new office is moving to contractors for a while, it’s letting me start thinking about photography again, and I’m starting to work on the Youtube channel again. One of the things I plan on doing for the channel on a regular basis is showing how...
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Thank you for taking a look at my photography. I am a nature and wildlife photographer with an emphasis on bird photography as well as landscapes.

My photographic preference is for natural light and a realistic processing style. I do sometimes use HDR but the goal is a realistic look and natural looking colors. I rarely modify the images through cloning or other manipulations.

My current focus is imagery taken in and around the national wildlife refuges here on the West Coast, especially in the California central valley where the Sandhill Crane and geese winter, as I work to document how these areas support and maintain the migrating flocks of birds that depend on them.

I shoot with the Fuji mirrorless cameras, after having used Canon cameras for a decade. My post-processing is in Adobe Lightroom with occasional use of Photoshop.

All of my imagery is copyrighted and is not in the public domain. It can not be used without my permission. Please see my licensing information for more on how to license these images. I do make special reduced-cost or free licensing available to non-profits under some circumstances and you’re welcome to contact me and ask about availability for your organization.

My Photography

Away from work my time is focused on my photography and on nature and wildlife. I’m a birder and bird photographer and I’ve gotten very interested in the National Wildlife Refuge areas here on the West Coast and I’ve been working on a long-term project to photograph, document and help raise awareness of how important they are to so many species that live in and visit these areas.

I use the Fuji X-T2 primarily and you can see the details by following the link. I’ve also written extensively about photography, especially about processing images in Lightroom, and you can visit my writing page to find them.

My photographic preference is for natural light and a realistic processing style. I do sometimes use HDR but the goal is a realistic look and natural looking colors. I rarely modify the images through cloning or other manipulations, and those images that are modified are noted in the meta-data.

Prints and Licensing

I am now selling prints on All of these prints have been optimized for printing and have been verified on my Epson P400, and many are living on my walls. I also custom printing and signed prints by request. Email me and tell me what you’re interested in. If there’s an image you’d like as a print that isn’t available, let me know and I’ll see if I can make it available for you.

All images on this site are copyrighted and are not in the public domain. Usage of them in any form is prohibited without my explicit permission and license. If you’re interested in using an image please contact me and I’ll work with you on a quote for an appropriate license for your needs.

Non-profit Licensing Waivers and Exceptions

Organizations that are legally defined as non-profit in their jurisdiction (in the United States, those that have 501C designation, for instance) may use images without compensation as illustrations in their web sites or publications. They may not use them as part of fund-raising campaigns without my explicit permission, but non-fundraising uses are allowed as long as proper attribution is maintained.

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