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Occam’s Fireaxe Episode 6: Love Letters

In today’s episode I go back to my early days as a Science Fiction fan and revisit Spider Robinson’s Callhan’s Bar series and talk a bit about what it meant to me at that point in time. I then take a look at the latest volume of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s St. Germain...
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I’m doing a Youtube channel. Of course I need a new camera.

If you’d told me six months ago I was going to buy a new camera, and then a bunch of accessories for it, I’d have laughed and said “I’m good”. And yet, that’s exactly what I did. Here’s why. I’ve fallen down one of those crazy and wonderful rabbit holes. A while back...
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I fell into a rabbit hole called Youtube, and that changed my thinking on blogs and podcasts.

It’s probably no secret to my readers here that I’ve gone through a — not sure what to call it — reinvention of my photography. I’ve had funks before, but not one this extended. It’s taken me some time to understand the roots of my dissatisfaction and figure out what...
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Occam’s Fireaxe #5: First Novels

I love finding a great first novel, and I love sharing those finds with others. When I was publishing OtherRealms, and later when I was reviewing books for Amazing Stories, I tried to make sure I covered as many authors as possible, so my policy was that at least 20%...
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I’m thinking of starting a photography podcast (please stop me)

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been mulling over this idea; I’m thinking of starting a podcast about photography. I would like all of you to stop me. Here’s my problem: I’m having trouble finding photography podcasts I want to listen to....
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Occam’s Fireaxe is a podcast written and produced by Chuq Von Rospach. Once a month we’ll sit down for about 15 minutes and review two books, primarily Science Fiction and Fantasy works but but with side trips into other works including history, biography and whatever random titles catch my eye.

Occam’s Fireaxe #4: Epic Space Opera

About this episode In this episode we look at two epic space operas, Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi, his new book and the first in a new series by this award winning author, and Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey, a well-established series that is the basis of the...

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