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Twitter is becoming USENET. And not the good parts.

I’ve been watching with some dismay how Trump has again used Twitter as an attack platform against someone criticizing him. First Boeing (which has now agreed to donate money to Trumps inauguration, a classic roll […]


How you know twitter is in trouble…

Vanity Fair published an interesting piece on Donald Trump’s bot problem: he claims 22 million followers, but how many of those are fake? As it turns out, a lot: By the estimation of Status People, […]


My ultimate social media environment.

I’ve had a chance to sit down over coffee three times in the last couple of weeks to talk about social media. In all three chats, the topic quickly turned into How do I (set […]

How to get me to follow you on social media

Every day I get people adding me to circles on Google+, liking or following or friending on Facebook and following me on Twitter. I also see lots of people asking (and sometimes demanding or pleading) […]

Why Apple doesn’t have a blogging policy (it ain’t what you think….) (Apple Post-mortem, part 4 of some number….)

Here’s my view of why Apple never implemented a blog policy. It’s not what you think, either…. But first, a digression through Sun: ongoing · Oh My Goodness Gracious: In a recent piece on the […]