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Nailed It

I needed to pick Laurie up from the airport, so I headed that way early and spent a couple of hours at the Radio Road Ponds in Redwood Shores, which are about 20 minutes from […]


Working on and supporting a virtual/remote team

A couple of my recent jobs — Palm and Cisco — involved working on teams where most of the members were remote and spread across the country, and in some cases overseas. There are advantages […]


How you know twitter is in trouble…

Vanity Fair published an interesting piece on Donald Trump’s bot problem: he claims 22 million followers, but how many of those are fake? As it turns out, a lot: By the estimation of Status People, […]


New Project: Birds of Santa Clara County

I’ve been mulling over a new project for a while, and over the last couple of days this has crystallized and so I’m ready to kick it off. I have been frankly struggling with my […]


Diving into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (warning, water politics neepery)

One of the things I’ve been doing the last few weeks instead of important things like posting selfies or writing for this blog is trying to understand the implications of the drought on California. Researching […]