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My San Jose Sharks Hall of Fame picks

I had coffee with an old friend this last week, and we spent half of the time chatting about an upcoming (redacted) but much of the time was talking about the Sharks, now and into […]


2016 Playoffs: Cup Finals Prediction, Sharks in 6

I had this weird dream last night. In it, the Sharks were in the Stanley Cup finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Joe Thornton and Sydney Crosby. Malkin and Marleau. Letang and Burns. Murray (or Fleury) […]


NHL Conference Finals: My bracket is dead, and I’m really happy.

Last night the Sharks finished out the series with a blowout victory of the predators to win their way into the Western Conference finals. It was an impressive victory. This is great for the franchise […]


NHL Playoff Predictions, 2016 2nd round

The first round of the NHL playoffs are done for 2016, and overall I did pretty well in predictions, going 5-3. My misses were picking the Rangers (who looked lost), the Ducks (who looked really […]


2015-16 NHL Playoff Predictions

As is tradition around here, it’s time to embarass myself by attempting to predict the NHL playoffs. So herewith is my official bracket. Over time, if you exclude my tendency to pick the Sharks to […]

The NHL and the Sharks at the All-Star Break

As I write this, the NHL All-Star Game is on the television, and Brett Burns is playing 3 on 3 hockey in Nashville. I must admit — I’m liking the 3 on 3 format for […]

State of the Sharks, the “Oh my God We’re All Gonna Die” edition…

(but first, a quick digression. Because of my Yellowstone trip and going off the grid for most of that week, I never posted my prediction for the final round of the playoffs. I did, however, […]

So….. Now what?

The Sharks go up against the LA kings again in the first round of the playoffs, and once again lose and end their season too early. This time, however, they were up in the series […]

The End of the Sharks season, 2013

And like that, the season’s over for the sharks. Game 7 against the Kings, last year’s Cup Champion and a team that looks to have rounded into champion form again. You can’t really fault much […]

The Raffi Torres Hit

A Statement from GM Doug Wilson Regarding the Raffi Torres Suspension Upon review of the incident, it is abundantly clear that this was a clean hockey hit. As noted by the NHL, Raffi’s initial point […]

Wilson trades for Stuart’s rights: not surprising but kind of odd

KuklasKorner : Petshark: Talking Stick : Wilson trades for Stuart’s rights: not surprising but kind of odd: News that Doug Wilson had traded a conditional 7th round pick and talking rights with Andrew Murray for […]

Retooling the Sharks part 2: tweaking the roster

Time to put the roster under a microscope. Before I do, however, a quick summary of major roster changes leading to and during the season, plus some of the post-season paperwork realities: Key transactions Brent […]

Retooling the sharks part 1: management

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Changing of the guard in Western Conference – ESPN: The Sharks? It’s a little more complicated than Detroit. For starters, they don’t have anything coming off their cap that’s really that […]

And the Sharks go golfing….

 Trying to put this loss in context. It didn’t hit me as hard as some years, because I fully expected it, but still, this Sharks team shouldn’t be going out in the first round. Dave […]

The sharks — what happened? (and the ratto vs drew deathmatch)

In the post game, Ray Ratto and Drew got into it. I admit: I missed this live, because Laurie and I were so thrilled at the game, we turned off for a DVRed episode of […]