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Refs who didn’t make the 2nd round

Just to carry forward the “who got cut” thread into the second round, here are the refs and linesmen who were in the first round and are now watching from home. You are welcome to […]

Refs in the playoffs

I’m going to be tracking which refs are in the playoffs and how far they go, as well as my evaluation of their jobs in games where I see enough of the action to fairly […]

Chuqui’s favorite and least favorite NHL referees

Not exactly a “top 10”, because there are some refs I simply haven’t watched enough to judge properly, but here are a quick list of referees I most want to see in the playoffs this […]

Reffing Notes

> in football even with seven guys on the field they still are pretty > consistent. In large part because each ref has a specific area of control, and they don’t cross over much. So […]

The state of reffing in the NHL

It was, actually, very difficult to figure out which refs I thought were ‘best’, or drop it down below about ten names. But then, most of you consider me a ref apologist already anyway, so […]