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eric clapton in concert

As we were leaving the Clapton Concert (July 30, HP Pavillion), a woman exiting at the same time turned to her partner and said “I’m disappointed. he didn’t interact with the audience at all!” that […]

fleetwood mac in concert

I need to admit this up front — I have a love/hate relationship with Fleetwood mac. I love Stevie Nicks’ voice, and Lindsey buckingham as a guitar player, and when she was with the group, […]

A few notes of a musical nature

Since I’m in a musing mood and relecting on the Clapton concert the other night, perhaps a few semi-related notes on me and music might be fun… As a kid, I never had much of […]

The Divine Miss M (Bette Midler in concert)

Saturday was a bit of a special day, as Laurie and I wandered down to San Jose Arena (aka HP Pavilion, aka Compaq Place, aka, well, oh, never mind) for Bette Midler’s Kiss My Brass […]

More on music….

Thanks to Clapton, some more musings on music…. I’m just coming off of a number of years (1…2…3…many…) where I’ve basically tuned out to music. The radio market here in the Bay Area really, really […]

Yesterday – Paul McCartney in Concert

So last night Laurie and I head down to San Jose Arena for the McCartney gig. We’d gone to his first run through San Jose, and she surprised me with tickets to the return engagement. […]