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Visiting the Central Valley Refuges

During the winter I head out into the central valley as many times as I can to visit the refuges while the winter migrants are living there. I’ve get requests on where to go and […]


Merced and San Luis National Wildlife Refuges, December 14, 2016

In mid-December I took another day trip out to the Merced area refuges and visited Merced NWR and San Luis NWR. It was a cloudy day with hints that the tule fog wasn’t far away, […]


First trip of the season to the San Luis area refuges

I decided to make my first trip out to the refuges in the San Luis NWR system this week. It’s early — I normally don’t make my first visit until early November, but I wanted […]


Wilson’s Snipe playing Peek-A-Boo

This Wilson’s Snipe seems to be playing Peek-A-Boo with me. Wilson’s Snipes can be notoriously hard to see in the field; the coloration and patterns on their feathers cause them to disappear into the foliage […]


Just a few Geese and Cranes

I spent yesterday on a long and productive day trip out to the central valley, spending the morning at San Luis NWR and the afternoon and evening in Merced National Wildlife Refuge. We’re at the […]

Merced National Wildlife Refuge — 12/9

On the way back from my most recent trip to LA I was able to time the run up I-5 so I could get to Merced National Wildlife Refuge about 90 minutes before sunset. That […]

Merced Wildlife Refuge with the Sigma 150-600 Lens

Laurie and I traditionally use the Thanksgiving weekend to visit the Merced area refuges (Merced NWR and San Luis NWR) when weather permits, and this year was no exception. For me, it was the first […]