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The best April Fools Joke I never did…

I used to take April Fool’s pretty seriously. but to do it well, it takes time, energy and the guts to take a risk. Which is why, again this year, Anil is right. So this […]

50 reasons Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

When I went to work for Palm, I knew that it was going to eat a lot of time and energy and I needed to focus on my work to make sure we all succeeded […]

Go for the Win

Kuklas Korner: Gary Thorne: Third periods should be all-out attempts to win close games, not attempts not to lose. The pressure is there for teams that need points to shut down the offense in tied […]

What I do for a living…

As people who read this blog know, a few years ago, I got involved in a new project at Apple, which has been quite successful for the company. It’s also a project that’s been under […]