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Some updates and appearances

It’s probably overdue on a personal update, but a lot of stuff’s being bouncing around and a bit crazy. First, a couple of really quick updates: The end of this week, I’ll be attending Cocoaconf […]


Unplug and Reset

I spent a few days last week in Morro Bay, doing the unplug and reset as a break from the last few weeks where the house remodel has sucked up so much time and mental […]


I don’t like needles…. And Labor Day is Looming

Hey, kids, watch how I tie those two topics together! So, I woke up this morning and realized it’s almost August. Which means it’s about a month until Labor Day. Which was when I was […]


Blank Page Syndrome (And other things Of Interest)

One thing I’ve figured out: it’s hard to get much writing done when you can’t sit down and focus on the writing. Another thing I’ve figured out: when your house is full of craftsmen doing […]


P3 Portable Protein Packs

One thing that I’m starting to see are experiments in higher protein snacks. This is a good thing in its way, since I think it’s a hint that the fast food companies are starting to […]


Everything you know about eating is wrong

One way I get my head going on a new project is to ingest new information about the topic; it seems to get the brain chewing on the problem and gets me motivated to move […]


Geeking your Diet (and other stuff)

So, about that road trip to Washington… Remember that trip I was planning to Washington and the Olympic Peninsula? Well… Never mind… I woke up the morning after writing about it realizing I had no […]

That looks like a rabbit hole. I should be careful where I wal

So about ten days ago I get The Call. Mom. Paramedics. Ambulance. Hospital. I was in San Diego waking up for my final day at Cisco Live. Suddenly I’m notifying the team I need to […]


A quick brag….

This one’s been a long time coming. For the last ten days, I’ve been at or below 380 (today: 377) — my lowest weight since 2007, which was about the time I was diagnosed with […]

New Years Resolutions Considered Harmful

(let me admit up front I’m playing devil’s advocate here… you’ve been warned) I’ve had this conversation with multiple people this year. When asked what my new years resolutions are, I’ve told them I’m not […]

Not Dead Yet #4: thoughts on obesity, exercise and life and fixing your lifestyle

This is probably the final in the Not Dead Yet series. I’m happy to say I’m not dead yet, and still able to write these things, in and around work, which is really busy right […]


Not Dead Yet #3 — A Week Later

So, it’s been another week and I’m not dead yet. About ten days from the event, and probably time for an update. For the first couple of days everything moved hyper-fast, almost in a blur. […]

Not Dead Yet #2: Social Media and the Always On Lifestyle

From the time the event started until I settled down in the ER bed, exactly what happened and when it happened became a bit of a blur. I was busy trying to figure out if […]


Not Dead Yet #1: This wasn’t on my calendar…

Wednesday Night was a normal night. Laurie and I had a nice dinner, polished off some muffins she’d baked, and splurged with an Angry Orchard cider (very nice, good flavor, not just sweet). Next thing […]


Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Salt Sugar Fat Buy on Amazon One of the background tasks in my life since I was diagnosed with diabetes is to continually find ways to improve my lifestyle habits and eating. A bit part […]