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Twitter is becoming USENET. And not the good parts.

I’ve been watching with some dismay how Trump has again used Twitter as an attack platform against someone criticizing him. First Boeing (which has now agreed to donate money to Trumps inauguration, a classic roll […]


Working on and supporting a virtual/remote team

A couple of my recent jobs — Palm and Cisco — involved working on teams where most of the members were remote and spread across the country, and in some cases overseas. There are advantages […]


How you know twitter is in trouble…

Vanity Fair published an interesting piece on Donald Trump’s bot problem: he claims 22 million followers, but how many of those are fake? As it turns out, a lot: By the estimation of Status People, […]


My ultimate social media environment.

I’ve had a chance to sit down over coffee three times in the last couple of weeks to talk about social media. In all three chats, the topic quickly turned into How do I (set […]


Does your *(thing)* need a community?

As a community manager a common conversation I end up in is “I have this (thing) and it needs a community. Should I install (forums, slack, name your poison) on my site?” And my first […]

A Sample Community Manager Job Description

A few weeks ago one of the groups I work with gave me a call and asked for my help, because they felt they needed to hire a community manager but they really weren’t sure […]


Going Viral — Thoughts and Feedback about the Death of Reddit piece

So a week ago I wrote and posted a piece called The Death of Reddit where I talked about the community site and my thoughts on the problems and challenges surrounding it. It turned out […]

Fixing or Replacing Reddit, some quick thoughts

Watching how The Death of Reddit spread across the net was fascinating. It’s been a while since I’ve written something that got that much interest and commentary, and to everyone that passed it along and […]

The Death of Reddit

[edit July 12: when you’re done here, I wrote a followup for you: Fixing or Replacing Reddit, some quick thoughts — take a look! chuq] Two or three times a year I get asked why I […]

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Clay Shirky is at it again. Go read the whole thing, it’s awesome. Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy: n the Seventies — this is a pattern that’s shown up on the network […]

Sounds appliance-y, and shiney.

…pickhits…: I don’t know Chuq from Adam, wouldn’t know him if I ran into him on the street or in a hallway. I do know that he was one of those people that ‘got email […]

experimenting in groups: the quiet voices.

One thing Laurie and I have been investigating over the years is how to bring forward the quieter voices in a community. In most communities, there’s a group of folks with fairly thick skins and […]

Alligators and swamps…

When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember you’re there to drain the swamp. And worse, all it takes is one alligator. Trolls don’t scale. you don’t need lots of problem-makers […]