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Working on and supporting a virtual/remote team

A couple of my recent jobs — Palm and Cisco — involved working on teams where most of the members were remote and spread across the country, and in some cases overseas. There are advantages […]

An open letter to aspiring professional photographers

(I got asked by someone I know tonight who asked the question we all consider at some point: Am I ready to try to make money with my camera? How do I do this? It’s […]

The NHLPA and Realignment

The Latest From The NHLPA On The Realignment Issue: PA still gathering feedback from members on realignment. Exec board will decide this week whether to make call itself or hold full PA vote. There’s a […]

Look up the word “cluster” in the dictionary, and you’ll see HP’s logo….

HP’s Smartphone Announcement ‘Soul Crushing,’ Says Matthew McNulty: But Matthew McNulty, the former senior director of the HP Enyo team, Enyo being the successor to webOS, said he would be surprised if HP used webOS […]

Speaking of the CBA and the upcoming NHL lockout….

Okay, well in my case, trying desperately to not speak of the CBA, the on-going negotiations, and the upcoming lockout… I’ve consciously avoided digging in to the CBA and negotiations so far because there really […]

On Workshops, Scams, Manners and Foolish Ideas

As a practical matter, if I can’t make a decision on a workshop based on the information you put on your site (and which I can search out online about it), I’m going to move […]

A couple of words about Meg…

HP’s Meg Whitman is cautiously optimistic that tech giant is stabilizing | VentureBeat: Hewlett-Packard chief executive Meg Whitman said in a conference call with analysts that she is “cautiously optimistic” that the company’s financial results […]

Nashville Is Becoming A Hockey City

KuklasKorner : KK Hockey : Nashville Is Becoming A Hockey City: The Predators have sold out 17 games this season and have already sold out the last three Saturday games of the season. The team’s […]

Why I decided not to turn pro….

Charlie Borland wrote an interesting piece recently titled Are You Sure You Want to be a Professional Nature Photographer? that I recommend to anyone who’s pondered that thought. I struck a few chords with me […]

some more thoughts on giving up the season tickets…

When I posted that we intended to give up our season tickets after 20 years, it generated some interesting comments and a fair number of private emails.  We heard from a number of long-time sharks […]

in the “oh my god, hell just froze over” department…

Laurie and I have been talking this over for a couple of days, and I figured this might make for interesting blog fodder. We’ve decided not to renew our season tickets with the Sharks next […]

A funny thing happened on the way to going pro…

A long time ago in a galaxy far away — way back in 2005 — I made a decision to get serious about my photography and see if I could go pro in the field […]

My thoughts on the Winter Classic

Okay, now that my Guardian piece is up and the ensuing circus has subsided a bit, I have some time to reflect on the Winter Classic. I loved it. I loved every single minute of […]

League Revenues, the Loonie and the Salary Cap » Blog Archive » League Revenues, the Loonie and the Salary Cap: If my projections are accurate, so long as the league can increase revenues (not including currency factors) then the salary cap isn’t […]

Where Would YOU Put an NHL Franchise?

Where Would YOU Put an NHL Franchise? – FanHouse – AOL Sports Blog: Say the NHL wanted to grant four expansion franchises around North America, and gave YOU the power to put a team in […]