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Project start: Updating my online presence (again)

I’ve decided it’s time to revamp the site again, even though I did some updates about a year ago when I started the sabbatical. It’s almost like spring cleaning, I guess, that over time […]


How and Why I write for the blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogging, and I’ve had a couple of people ask me about how I decide what to blog about (or more correctly, “why did you write about that but […]


The Genius Problem

Every few years, someone decides to invent a way to scribble on the internet. They generally aspire to some higher goal, but in practice, they create tools that allow the mouth breathers to haul out […]

The future of blogging is… blogging.

About a month ago (that’s forever in internet years) Marco posted the note Google and blogs: “Shit.” where the general thought was that his blog traffic was flat and starting to decline over the last year […]

Why I’ve decided to stop blogging….

One of the things I’ve been mulling over the last few months is where this blog ranked in the priority of the things going on in my life and how much time (if any) I […]

50 reasons Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

When I went to work for Palm, I knew that it was going to eat a lot of time and energy and I needed to focus on my work to make sure we all succeeded […]

Will paid content work?

But can we learn anything from paid content attempts in the past? After all, this has been tried at varying levels before. Until The New York Times opens the books on its mothballed Times Select […]

Why Apple doesn’t have a blogging policy (it ain’t what you think….) (Apple Post-mortem, part 4 of some number….)

Here’s my view of why Apple never implemented a blog policy. It’s not what you think, either…. But first, a digression through Sun: ongoing · Oh My Goodness Gracious: In a recent piece on the […]

Sounds appliance-y, and shiney.

…pickhits…: I don’t know Chuq from Adam, wouldn’t know him if I ran into him on the street or in a hallway. I do know that he was one of those people that ‘got email […]