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2016 Favorite Podcasts (A Few of my Favorites)

I’m compiling a few lists of favorite things as I exit 2016 and look forward to 2017 because I want to share these things with you in hopes that you’ll discover some new things that […]


Working on and supporting a virtual/remote team

A couple of my recent jobs — Palm and Cisco — involved working on teams where most of the members were remote and spread across the country, and in some cases overseas. There are advantages […]


Morro Bay Sea Otters

So, what is there to do in Morro Bay? Three guesses! But seriously, not only is Morro Bay one of the best places along the coast to watch sea otters and other marine mammals like […]


The Netatmo Weather Station

We’ve had a Netatmo weather station on the house for a couple of years and we really like it. They finally started shipping their long-delayed wind measuring module, and so I got mine and needed […]