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Gear Testing: Hooded Orioles at the feeder (and hummingbirds!)

I spent some time yesterday testing a new wireless shutter release, and since we have been in the middle of a nasty heat wave, I decided to do it through the patio door rather than […]


Wilson’s Snipe playing Peek-A-Boo

This Wilson’s Snipe seems to be playing Peek-A-Boo with me. Wilson’s Snipes can be notoriously hard to see in the field; the coloration and patterns on their feathers cause them to disappear into the foliage […]


New Project: Birds of Santa Clara County

I’ve been mulling over a new project for a while, and over the last couple of days this has crystallized and so I’m ready to kick it off. I have been frankly struggling with my […]


Ten Years as a Birder

I realized the other day that I was about to celebrate an anniversary: May 16, 2006 was the day I stopped being a person who walked around with binoculars and started being a birder. The […]


Out with Old Friends: Acorn Woodpeckers

(Check out all of the images) Last Friday I took some time to get out into the hills behind Milpitas and do some birding. This is an area I’ve been exploring and visiting for years, […]


The Sandhill Crane Evening Fly-in

I’ve talked before about how beautiful the evening fly-in can be; with thousands of Sandhill Cranes or Geese (or all at once) coming in to the refuge in the last light of the day, vocalizing […]

Fall is coming

This morning I read the first report of Sandhill Cranes heard flying south over the Sacramento area. Our winter visitors are starting to arrive — and in case anyone is wondering, this is a few […]

I’m in Birdwatcher’s Digest

Just a quick note to let folks know that I have an article reprinted in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Birdwatcher’s Digest. They’re reprinting my piece on Getting Started in Bird Photography — Choose Your […]


Diving into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (warning, water politics neepery)

One of the things I’ve been doing the last few weeks instead of important things like posting selfies or writing for this blog is trying to understand the implications of the drought on California. Researching […]

The Long Day

Invalid Displayed Gallery A common activity among serious birders is the Big Day when a birder goes out and tries to see as many species as possible in one day. Yesterday I went out on […]

Some stats from the Morro Bay Photo trip

One thing that frustrates newer photographers is how hard it is to take good images; they look at the pictures coming out of the well-known photographers and all they see are gems, and they think […]

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival 2014

I’m back from the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival. I’ve been trying to sync this into my schedule for three years now and finally did; it’s the first time I’ve participated in a festival like […]

Birding in 2013

It looks like my birding year is more or less done, I don’t expect to get out and do any significant birding until the new year. My year list closes at 191 species, highest since […]


Calaveras Bald Eagle Nest 2013

(2016 update: the nest is not in use this year for some unknown reason.) I finally made it out to look at the eagle’s nest for the first time in weeks. Since it’s June, I […]


A teaching moment on Bird ID.

Back at work after two weeks off, and getting back into the swim of things. It was nice to completely unplug for a bit and recharge the batteries. I definitely needed it… One thing I […]