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I have no frigging idea

I’ve been having some interesting conversations about Apple in the last few days. One was with Ina Fried, who is now writing at Axios, and she asked a question I struggled answering: “Are you planning […]


The Mac Pro lives: Apple promises new gear

So I wake up and fire up twitter, and see that John Gruber has dropped a bomb on my twitter feed and twitter blew up. I had errands to run and a doctor’s appointment this […]

About Dungeon Delve

(I’ve been playing submarine again, for which I apologize. Among the reasons for this is I have my head down in Swift again, and as I’ve moved forward in picking up the language I’ve been […]


I’m coming to terms with the iMac Pro

I just finished a driving trip to go visit family in southern California, and the time on the road gave me the ability to unplug and think things through. I’ve been a very strong proponent […]


My Advice for Apple

An old friend caught me in email on my recent piece on Apple and had a very valid criticism: that I’d gone into detail about what I saw was wrong with Apple, but didn’t really […]


Anyone know of archives of EvangeList or Semper Fi?

This is an obscure request from the far past, but way back in the ancient days Guy Kawasaki ran a couple of Apple Evangelism mailing lists, first called Semper Fi and later EvangeList, of which […]


Apple’s 2016 in review

This has been the winter of our discontent. 2016 was the year the tone changed. There’s always been a lot of criticism and griping about anything Apple does (and doesn’t do — it can’t win) […]


MacBook Pro first impressions

I ordered the 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar a couple of hours after the event, and it arrived on the 17th. Since then, I’ve spent a full day setting up the machine, tearing down […]


Apple’s marketing on one slide.

Today has been a fascinating day, many many conversations about Apple and a lot of great feedback. It’s had me thinking about this more and trying to understand some of the aspects of this that […]


How Apple could have avoided much of the controversy

Here’s a basic reality: criticizing and second-guessing Apple is a hobby for many of us, and a profession for more than is probably healthy for the Apple ecosystem. That is a basic reality that isn’t […]


Thoughts on the new MacBook Pros and Apple’s announcements.

Apple finally (drink!) announced the updated MacBook Pro computers and the refreshed laptop line that will carry them forward for the next year or so. As expected, these new computers include Skylake CPUs with support […]


Two new geek toys

I’ve recently added a couple of new toys to the collection here and I like them enough I wanted to share them with you. Mophie Power Capsule I keep a go bag set up for […]


The Mac Draft

During the release notes, the Simple Beep folks recorded a “favorite Macs” draft podcast with Stephen Hackett and Christina Warren that I thoroughly enjored and recommend to you to listen to for a fun bit […]


Apple Event: No Major Surprises

Appleinsider: For regular AppleInsider readers, last week’s Apple event came with no major surprises, as the rumor mill signaled exactly what to expect from the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. Well, except for…. […]


My thoughts on the iPhone 7 and yesterday’s announcements

It’s the morning after the introduction of the iPhone 7, and I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain my thoughts on the products announced yesterday and the event itself. In reading the coverage, […]