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A nice milestone hit for me at the end of March; I finished the month weight under 370, the first time I’ve been this low since sometime in 2005, and which puts me a full […]


Saying goodbye to Winter

The signs of spring have been everywhere recently, and as I type this, I’m happily sitting in my office with the patio door wide open letting the air waft in while I listen to the […]


Out on the road, and then home again

I need to apologize a bit for the lack of updates. I did some traveling in January, and when I got back worked with my doctors to try tweaking the prescriptions a bit. That didn’t […]


Back to Work

Well, the executive summary on the job search is there’s nothing much to report. It’s slow going, partly because I’m continuing to be really picky on what things I pursue, and also because, frankly, I’m […]

About Dungeon Delve

(I’ve been playing submarine again, for which I apologize. Among the reasons for this is I have my head down in Swift again, and as I’ve moved forward in picking up the language I’ve been […]


How and Why I write for the blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogging, and I’ve had a couple of people ask me about how I decide what to blog about (or more correctly, “why did you write about that but […]


2016: The Year in Review

2016 was a complex and crazy year for all of us. A lot of negatives and the year won’t be remembered well, whether it was the large number and importance of the people that left […]

A Christmas Gift for you: Downtime, a Short Story

This has become a bit of a tradition for me and I hope you enjoy it. Back when I was writing fiction, I came up with the idea of a continuing series of stories about […]


My Best Photos of the Year for 2016

Welcome to my annual display of my best/favorite photos of the year. I’ve been doing this since 2007 (you can see all of the sets here) and it’s always interesting me to go back and […]

Boom. Did it again.

Hey, we’re a week from Christmas. Happy holidays to those of you who celebrate something this time of year! So, guess what? I did it again. In talking with my doctor, we decided to try […]

I’m looking for a job. Wanna hire me?

Hey, have I mentioned recently that I’m looking for a new job? No, in reality I haven’t for a while. Yes, that’s right: I’m looking for my next role, somewhere in the online/virtual community manager, […]



It seems the last couple of weeks have been about resets. Sometimes resets are a good thing, some times, well, not so. For instance, a week ago as I write this, I was supposed to […]


Some updates and appearances

It’s probably overdue on a personal update, but a lot of stuff’s being bouncing around and a bit crazy. First, a couple of really quick updates: The end of this week, I’ll be attending Cocoaconf […]


TMO Background Mode Podcast, featuring…. me! Come listen

So hey! I was a guest on the TMO Background Mode podcast with John Martellaro, and we sat down for about an hour and talked about Apple and other things. I even mentioned the venerable […]


The Mac Draft

During the release notes, the Simple Beep folks recorded a “favorite Macs” draft podcast with Stephen Hackett and Christina Warren that I thoroughly enjored and recommend to you to listen to for a fun bit […]