Thought’s on Jim Goldstein’s Best of 2014 project

Every year Jim Goldstein collects into a single post everyone’s “best of” postings to make it easier for us to see what everyone else is doing with their photography. Jim’s 2014 collection is here. Last […]

The Apple CES Media Overlay and the leaked 12″ Macbook Air rumors

If it’s time for CES, there’s one thing seemingly guaranteed every year now, it’s that some kind of Apple News will come out, and as one media person I follow noted, “Suck the air out […] in 2014: Site in Review and Lessons Learned

The end of 2014 is a good time to take a step back, look at how the things you do have moved forward (or not), and decide what needs to be changed (if anything). I’ve […]

Plans for 2015

The Christmas/family obligations are done for the year and I’ve returned from Southern California alive and ready for a few days off before going back to work. With the holidays behind me, I’m hoping I […]

Not Dead Yet #4: thoughts on obesity, exercise and life and fixing your lifestyle

This is probably the final in the Not Dead Yet series. I’m happy to say I’m not dead yet, and still able to write these things, in and around work, which is really busy right […]

Should you Workshop? Why I took Michael Frye’s Fall Foliage workshop

Two weeks ago Laurie and I headed out to Lee Vining for a week where we participated in one of Michael Frye‘s fall foliage workshops. this one has been on my ToDo list for a […]

State of the Chuq, revising the five year plan edition

Even before recent events, I’d been evaluating my online presence and my time commitments and trying to decide if my time and money expenditures were in line with my priorities (how to figure this out […]


Not Dead Yet #3 — A Week Later

So, it’s been another week and I’m not dead yet. About ten days from the event, and probably time for an update. For the first couple of days everything moved hyper-fast, almost in a blur. […]

Life at Apple revisited….

As an ex-Apple person who was there for a long time, a common question I get is “Would you ever go back?” And that’s a complicated answer. My normal answer is “If the right situation […]

A first look at the Health app in IOS 8

(9/28, 12PM — edited to add a few notes at the end about some other things the ICE feature needs to do but doesn’t — chuq) One of the things that intrigued me was the […]

Not Dead Yet #2: Social Media and the Always On Lifestyle

From the time the event started until I settled down in the ER bed, exactly what happened and when it happened became a bit of a blur. I was busy trying to figure out if […]


Not Dead Yet #1: This wasn’t on my calendar…

Wednesday Night was a normal night. Laurie and I had a nice dinner, polished off some muffins she’d baked, and splurged with an Angry Orchard cider (very nice, good flavor, not just sweet). Next thing […]

Things happening, things planned

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes, and one aspect of that is that it’s reduced the time and energy needed to keep up a regular set of blog postings here (that, and […]

How Apple got the U2 giveaway wrong

I’ve been watching the kerfluffle about Apple giving away the new U2 album with some amusement. It’s really easy to say “watch all of these people complain about getting free stuff” and try to dismiss […]


Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Salt Sugar Fat Buy on Amazon One of the background tasks in my life since I was diagnosed with diabetes is to continually find ways to improve my lifestyle habits and eating. A bit part […]