Why I threw out my bucket list. Should you?

Like many people I’ve kept a so-called bucket list of things I want to do someday. Unlike most of you, I decided to throw mine out about a year ago. I happened to run into […]

Towards Better Eating

When I left Apple I was a mess, and so was my diet — it was pretty literally burgers and fries six days a week. Since then it has been that long, slow trudge towards […]

State of the Sharks, the “Oh my God We’re All Gonna Die” edition…

(but first, a quick digression. Because of my Yellowstone trip and going off the grid for most of that week, I never posted my prediction for the final round of the playoffs. I did, however, […]

2014 NHL Playoffs, round 3

Time for the conference finals, and time for me to sneak in my picks — as I write this the Rangers/Habs game has just dropped the puck. Summary so far: First round: 6-2, and my […]

So….. Now what?

The Sharks go up against the LA kings again in the first round of the playoffs, and once again lose and end their season too early. This time, however, they were up in the series […]

2014 NHL playoffs, round 2

Just a quick note to get my predictions in before too many games get played… Amazingly enough, I went 6-2 in the first round, missing Colorado and St. Louis. Congrats to the Minnesota Wild and […]

“Superficial Changes”

“Superficial Changes” – Marco.org: There are plenty of problems with the iOS app ecosystem, but most of them that Apple could reasonably control — and most of Jared’s specific complaints — are App Store-related, not […]

First week done at Cisco….

One week in at Cisco. The week started with with “hi, here’s your office, here’s your computer, we’re late for a meeting”, and never really slowed down. Nobody’s wandered into my office and yelled “you’re […]

2014 NHL Playoff Predictions

It’s a tradition. Even thought I don’t talk hockey that much these days, I still want to put my playoff predictions out there for all to see and laugh at. Annual warning: if you use […]

Back from Yosemite

Back from a couple of quickly planned days in Yosemite. With the early closing of Badger Pass, I noticed that rooms were available from spring skiiers who canceled and so I scheduled myself in for […]

“Rhymes with Crisco” — Really?

Someone dropped me an email and called me to task for using “Rhymes with Crisco” in my note yesterday announcing my new job. The email could be boiled down to “Dude, really?” They have a […]


Diving into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (warning, water politics neepery)

One of the things I’ve been doing the last few weeks instead of important things like posting selfies or writing for this blog is trying to understand the implications of the drought on California. Researching […]

The Long Day

Invalid Displayed Gallery A common activity among serious birders is the Big Day when a birder goes out and tries to see as many species as possible in one day. Yesterday I went out on […]

Some stats from the Morro Bay Photo trip

One thing that frustrates newer photographers is how hard it is to take good images; they look at the pictures coming out of the well-known photographers and all they see are gems, and they think […]

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival 2014

I’m back from the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival. I’ve been trying to sync this into my schedule for three years now and finally did; it’s the first time I’ve participated in a festival like […]