Of Interest for October 23, 2015

For those who read my mailing lists, each issue had a Quicklinks section along with a few topics I covered in more depth. This Of Interest series will be an occasional the items that I put […]

Moving forward from the pivot

I’ve long been a fan of having a plan to help focus my time and energy into what I see as my priorities. The biggest challenge I have in my life, and from talking to […]

The Great Pivot: Making some changes to what I’m doing here

I’ve just returned from a week travelling up the Oregon coast, taking a break from work and everything else that’s been happening. After Mom died in June I knew at some point I was going […]

Fall is coming

This morning I read the first report of Sandhill Cranes heard flying south over the Sacramento area. Our winter visitors are starting to arrive — and in case anyone is wondering, this is a few […]


New Lens: Fuji X-mount 18-135

Fuji 18-135 Buy on Amazon When I recently updated my Fuji Camera Kit article I mentioned that I was thinking that sometime down the road I would probably upgrade to the Fuji 18-135 lens to […]

You are a real photographer

One of the seemingly endless arguments going on online is people trying to define who is and who isn’t a “real photographer”. It’s my turn. Do you own a camera, or something like a phone […]

Finding Balance

A week or so ago I was browsing the videos from the Cocoaconf Yosemite conference that was held at Yosemite Lodge earlier this year. It was a conference I’d hoped to go to but my […]

How to get me to follow you on social media

Every day I get people adding me to circles on Google+, liking or following or friending on Facebook and following me on Twitter. I also see lots of people asking (and sometimes demanding or pleading) […]

A Sample Community Manager Job Description

A few weeks ago one of the groups I work with gave me a call and asked for my help, because they felt they needed to hire a community manager but they really weren’t sure […]


Going Viral — Thoughts and Feedback about the Death of Reddit piece

So a week ago I wrote and posted a piece called The Death of Reddit where I talked about the community site and my thoughts on the problems and challenges surrounding it. It turned out […]

Fixing or Replacing Reddit, some quick thoughts

Watching how The Death of Reddit spread across the net was fascinating. It’s been a while since I’ve written something that got that much interest and commentary, and to everyone that passed it along and […]

The Death of Reddit

[edit July 12: when you’re done here, I wrote a followup for you: Fixing or Replacing Reddit, some quick thoughts — take a look! chuq] Two or three times a year I get asked why I […]

First outing with the Canon 7D Mark II

On Sunday I wanted to take the new Canon 7D Mark II out and see how well it worked in field conditions, so Laurie and I headed out to Radio Road in Redwood Shores for […]


New Toy — Canon 7d Mk II

It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, for which I apologize. If you don’t read my personal blog, unfortunately life intervened, and I’m just starting to be able to sit down and put the […]


This Happened….

So, this happened. My Apple Watch arrived. Not the sport, so it has the stainless and the sapphire glass. That’s the black leather loop band, the only one that fits my wrist, which measures out […]