Thoughts on the new MacBook Pros and Apple’s announcements.

Apple finally (drink!) announced the updated MacBook Pro computers and the refreshed laptop line that will carry them forward for the next year or so. As expected, these new computers include Skylake CPUs with support […]


Nailed It

I needed to pick Laurie up from the airport, so I headed that way early and spent a couple of hours at the Radio Road Ponds in Redwood Shores, which are about 20 minutes from […]


Working on and supporting a virtual/remote team

A couple of my recent jobs — Palm and Cisco — involved working on teams where most of the members were remote and spread across the country, and in some cases overseas. There are advantages […]


TMO Background Mode Podcast, featuring…. me! Come listen

So hey! I was a guest on the TMO Background Mode podcast with John Martellaro, and we sat down for about an hour and talked about Apple and other things. I even mentioned the venerable […]


Free Desktop Wallpapers

It’s been a while since I mentioned these, so if you don’t already have a set, here you go! I decided it was time to create some new wallpapers for my system, and I figured […]


Good Enough Defeats Great

It’s been fascinating as an observer watching the disruption and transformation of the camera industry. As a photographer in the middle of it, it hasn’t always been fun. Around 2000 I bought a Canon Powershot […]


Limits to technology: Light still wins.

I wanted to talk a bit about an image from my refuge trip. Take a look at this one of the Sandhill Cranes dancing: It’s a good photo, but not a great one. I love […]


Hate your battery charger? Switch to USB.

I have long hated the battery chargers that come with most cameras. They’re big, bulky, expensive to replace, usually quite slow, and their user interfaces are inconsistent and inscrutable — does that flashing LED mean […]


Two new geek toys

I’ve recently added a couple of new toys to the collection here and I like them enough I wanted to share them with you. Mophie Power Capsule I keep a go bag set up for […]


First trip of the season to the San Luis area refuges

I decided to make my first trip out to the refuges in the San Luis NWR system this week. It’s early — I normally don’t make my first visit until early November, but I wanted […]


The Mac Draft

During the release notes, the Simple Beep folks recorded a “favorite Macs” draft podcast with Stephen Hackett and Christina Warren that I thoroughly enjored and recommend to you to listen to for a fun bit […]


Getting Back to Work

One of the things I found myself doing during this most recent trip was thinking a lot about the last year and trying to plan and prioritize the next few months. I’m now six months […]


Hanging out on the coast

Laurie and I just returned from 10 days on the road, taking a nice vacation where we both mostly unplugged. This trip was originally going to be a visit to Yellowstone, but between the 100th […]


Occam’s Fireaxe #2: Hiding on a Desert Island

About this episode On this episode of Occam’s Fireaxe I talk about the ten authors and books I’d carry with me when I go off to hide on a desert island to avoid the upcoming […]


First impressions of the Fuji X-T2

I took the X-T2 out for its first photos yesterday to a favorite spot for this kind of testing: the sewage settling ponds on Radio Road in Redwood Shores. This is a great place for […]