Morro Bay Sea Otters

So, what is there to do in Morro Bay? Three guesses! But seriously, not only is Morro Bay one of the best places along the coast to watch sea otters and other marine mammals like […]


Dawn on Morro Bay Harbor

The first tendrils of light touch Morro Bay Harbor, and the harbor and birds in it start waking up to go about their business. Morro Bay is a working harbor and still supports a commercial […]


How you know twitter is in trouble…

Vanity Fair published an interesting piece on Donald Trump’s bot problem: he claims 22 million followers, but how many of those are fake? As it turns out, a lot: By the estimation of Status People, […]


My ultimate social media environment.

I’ve had a chance to sit down over coffee three times in the last couple of weeks to talk about social media. In all three chats, the topic quickly turned into How do I (set […]


My one post on politics for this political cycle

I typically avoid certain topics here on the blog and on my other social outposts like Twitter and Facebook, and right at the top of the list is politics. My belief is that nobody coming […]


I don’t like needles…. And Labor Day is Looming

Hey, kids, watch how I tie those two topics together! So, I woke up this morning and realized it’s almost August. Which means it’s about a month until Labor Day. Which was when I was […]


Gear Testing: Hooded Orioles at the feeder (and hummingbirds!)

I spent some time yesterday testing a new wireless shutter release, and since we have been in the middle of a nasty heat wave, I decided to do it through the patio door rather than […]


Wilson’s Snipe playing Peek-A-Boo

This Wilson’s Snipe seems to be playing Peek-A-Boo with me. Wilson’s Snipes can be notoriously hard to see in the field; the coloration and patterns on their feathers cause them to disappear into the foliage […]


Sunset at Isenberg Crane Refuge

Isenberg Crane Refuge is, well, it’s a parking lot along Woodbridge Road near Lodi, California. Or more correctly, it’s a parking lot next to the refuge, which is fence off so you can only view […]


Two steps forward…

Work on lots of random things continue. We’ve got the electricity stuff wrapped up, except for city inspections and resolving the homeowners claim, both of which ongoing for reasons — for inspection, it was an […]


Morro Bay Harbor Panorama from Sweet Springs Nature Preserve

As I start to focus on my photography again I want to start talking about the stories of some of the images I’ve taken, show them off and explain why I like a specific image. […]


Dave Mark: Where are the new Macs?

Dave Mark, writing in the the Loop, asks a great question: Where are the new Macs? It’s one many of us that are rather impatiently waiting for new hardware. Dave asks: What is the story […]


New Project: Birds of Santa Clara County

I’ve been mulling over a new project for a while, and over the last couple of days this has crystallized and so I’m ready to kick it off. I have been frankly struggling with my […]


Blank Page Syndrome (And other things Of Interest)

One thing I’ve figured out: it’s hard to get much writing done when you can’t sit down and focus on the writing. Another thing I’ve figured out: when your house is full of craftsmen doing […]


How mirrorless is changing bird photography

I haven’t been talking much photography recently, partly because I haven’t been doing much to talk about, with all of the house work and general crazy of the recent weeks. Fuji has been killing it […]