Time For A Two Goalie System?

KuklasKorner : The Puck Stops Here : Time For A Two Goalie System?: The San Jose Sharks have been the best team in the NHL so far this year. Their 20-4 record (with one regulation […]

going to Chicago!

When they announced the Winter Classic was going to Wrigley, I knew I had to give this a shot. Laurie grew up in the Chicago area, is a huge Cubs fan, played goalie (footnote 1) […]

Slow Motion Killing

Tom Benjamin’s – Slow Motion Killing: Bob McKeown was on McCown yesterday promoting tonight’s episode of the EOWN Fifth Estate. He had news that Gary Bettman and Paul Kelly would be well advised to consider: […]

Sharks douse flames. Not even close. stupid headlines ensue.

I just have to get this out while I’m thinking about it: MY GOD, THIS IS A FUN TEAM TO WATCH. Even when they lost to Nashville, it was an interesting game. Grump-inducing at times, […]

League Revenues, the Loonie and the Salary Cap

HockeyAnalysis.com » Blog Archive » League Revenues, the Loonie and the Salary Cap: If my projections are accurate, so long as the league can increase revenues (not including currency factors) then the salary cap isn’t […]

A Compromise On Hits To the Head

Mike Chen does a good job of looking at the problem of hits to the head. To some degree, I agree with him: hits to the head need to be penalized. But the devil is […]

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Clay Shirky is at it again. Go read the whole thing, it’s awesome. Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy: n the Seventies — this is a pattern that’s shown up on the network […]

eastern conference predictions

A couple of days late to the game here, but I hadn’t done as much study of the east in pre-season, so I needed to get that done first… Division winners: Pittsburgh Penguins (1) (but […]

western conference predictions

well, it’s prediction time, because, well, if I guess right, I can be loud and “cherry-esque” about how good I am, and if I’m wrong, we can hope everyone quietly forgets I said anything… The […]

Drop the puck!

It’s hockey season again, so we dusting off the blog and getting back to work… Hope you all had a great off-season! With the baseball season ending here in the household a couple of days […]

Looking at Sharks 2009

So the dust is settling, and the new sharks roster is taking shape, and I’m finally back at a point in my life where blogging seems not only possible, but interesting. Been an interesting three […]

Is there a thing called normal?

We buried dad friday at the Riverside National Cemetery, the busiest cemetery in the U.S. they had 73 burials planned that day, so things might seem hectic there, but they did an awesome job of […]

— 30 —

My dad died today, quietly and not in pain. His body was just too frail to recover from the complications that set in with the triple-bypass. He had a feeling the end was near, I […]

So what did the Dallas series prove to us about the Sharks?

A couple of quick musings on the Detroit/Dallas series. Dallas came out of the 4 overtime game with little rest, and proceeded to hand Detroit three games before getting their game back and making it […]

Conference Finals projections

Two for Elbowing: Conference Finals projections: And Sharks/Dallas? Dallas deserves to move forward. Good luck to them. 1-3. Ouch. but still 7-5 for the playoffs. I still have time to screw that up. And so […]