Nabby has to go?

A meme that’s popped up in the comments and other places… I have to toss in that I think Nabby needs to go too — it’s not that he’s the “problem” per say, but I […]

2009 second round predictions

I never did post my first round eastern conference predictions. Oh well, this thing called “work” keeps keeping me busy. Some pretty good hockey, though. But in the West, I chose San jose (bah), Detroit, […]

post season things to be thankful for

I want to give thanks for a couple of things: First, thanks to the Washington Capitals for making it past the Rangers. Both because I really am enjoying watching the Caps (a really good team […]

Suspensions in the playoffs (and sharks game 6)

Brashear gets six games in the playoffs — well deserved, and well done NHL. The only way you stop this kind of crap is to kick them where it hurts. And Brashear needed a 2×4. […]

game 5 pregame notes

I apologize for the lack of hockey posting the second half of the season. I think maybe my (relative) lack of enthusiasm this season is because, frankly, I’m not surprised the Sharks are in this […]

The 2009 Playoffs western conference predictions

This is going to be one hell of a playoffs. There are really only two teams that “should” go to the Stanley Cup finals from the west. San Jose and Detroit. Everyone else is a […]

Looking back on the season — my predictions

Before the season, I (as usual) predicted the season results for the western conference. this year I didn’t do the eastern due to lack of time. But how did I do? My guaranteed playoff teams? […]

What’s wrong with the Sharks?

It’s that time of the year when fans start worrying. I’ve gotten a number of emails and IM’s asking me what I thought was wrong with the Sharks. I knew the hot start wasn’t sustainable. […]

Those of you wondering about the new gig….

Those of you looking for pearls of wisdom about the new gig, be aware. I’m imposing a strict firewall between the “work me” and the “me me”, partly because it’s the only way to keep […]

Will paid content work?

But can we learn anything from paid content attempts in the past? After all, this has been tried at varying levels before. Until The New York Times opens the books on its mothballed Times Select […]

Chicago 4, San Jose 2. Ouch

Chicago nicely beat the Sharks last night. Good game for the Hawks, one of the teams that’s is always impressing me. The Sharks looked sluggish, but in reality, the Hawks outplayed them, I give more […]

Sharks 2, Vancouver 1 in overtime

And to think I could have stayed home and watched paint dry…. What can you say? Last game before the All-Star break, and a whole lotta “I don’t want to spend the break in a […]

My thoughts on the Winter Classic

Okay, now that my Guardian piece is up and the ensuing circus has subsided a bit, I have some time to reflect on the Winter Classic. I loved it. I loved every single minute of […]

43 Points In 25 Games

San Jose Sharks – News: 43 Points In 25 Games – 12/03/2008: Behind a brilliant four-point first period from Joe Thornton, San Jose exploded to a 4-0 lead on the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs, defeated […]

Time For A Two Goalie System?

KuklasKorner : The Puck Stops Here : Time For A Two Goalie System?: The San Jose Sharks have been the best team in the NHL so far this year. Their 20-4 record (with one regulation […]