Why I’ve been away from the blog…

Apologies for the radio silence recently. For once, I have a good excuse. Two weeks ago, I decided that, since there wasn’t a hockey game on, I’d go out for a walk. First night since […]

2009-2010 playoff predictions (round 2 edition)

But first a look back at round 1. How’d I do? In the west, I picked San jose in 6, Vancouver in 6, Chicago in 6, Detroit in 6. I picked all four series, and […]

2009-2010 playoff predictions

The so-called “second season” starts tomorrow, so it’s time for the annual playoff predictions. But first, a digression. It was nice not writing about hockey this year. It was nice just going to games as […]

The bird(ing) and me…

I never intended to become a birder. It just happened. You don’t need to be a birder to look at birds. You aren’t a birder because you carry binoculars. Birding is — ultimately — all […]

A great way to start the new year

The best laid plans… I have a bunch of blogging stacked up, none of which you’ve seen yet. Just as the New Year kicked in, so did a bug, which struck both myself and Laurie, […]

Thoughts on the Second Career

As I noted the other day, I expect posting frequency on the blog to go up soon. About this time last year I started serious planning on my “what’s next?” project — that being my […]

It’s not a bad photographer, it’s a bad person

This seems to come up about once a year among the birders — bad behavior by a bird photographer. I wrote up my thoughts on this, since I live in all three worlds (birder, photographer […]

A teachable moment (or why I love birding, even when I make a fool of myself)

(or — I did a dumb thing again, and we’re gonna talk about it….) I’ve only been birding “seriously” for a couple of years, where seriously is defined as “for the sake of birding, as […]

50 reasons Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

When I went to work for Palm, I knew that it was going to eat a lot of time and energy and I needed to focus on my work to make sure we all succeeded […]

The Sharks off-season so far

Happy American Independence day! (and a few days late, Canada Day, aka hockey player independence day.. I wanted to make  a couple of comments on the Sharks off-season so far. Back in may I made […]

Game 7. Tomorrow the season ends.

Game seven. Stanley Cup Final. Detroit. Pittsburgh. Tomorrow the hockey season ends. Part of me is looking forward to this with glee. Part of me, like most season-endings, wonders how I’ll fill the void of […]

Stanley Cup Final Predictons

I’ll get this in before the series counts, so people don’t think I’m doing anything funny… Picked both conference finals, which puts me over .500 (6-4) for the playoffs, and guarantees I’m over .500. that […]

Conference finals predictions

well, after going 3-1 in the first round, I went 1-3 in the second, so I’m 4-4 for the playoffs. Not impressive, I only caught Pittsburgh. Even if I include in m real picks for […]

Nabby has to go?

A meme that’s popped up in the comments and other places… I have to toss in that I think Nabby needs to go too — it’s not that he’s the “problem” per say, but I […]

2009 second round predictions

I never did post my first round eastern conference predictions. Oh well, this thing called “work” keeps keeping me busy. Some pretty good hockey, though. But in the West, I chose San jose (bah), Detroit, […]