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New Project: Birds of Santa Clara County

I’ve been mulling over a new project for a while, and over the last couple of days this has crystallized and so I’m ready to kick it off. I have been frankly struggling with my […]


Blank Page Syndrome (And other things Of Interest)

One thing I’ve figured out: it’s hard to get much writing done when you can’t sit down and focus on the writing. Another thing I’ve figured out: when your house is full of craftsmen doing […]


How mirrorless is changing bird photography

I haven’t been talking much photography recently, partly because I haven’t been doing much to talk about, with all of the house work and general crazy of the recent weeks. Fuji has been killing it […]


The Netatmo Weather Station

We’ve had a Netatmo weather station on the house for a couple of years and we really like it. They finally started shipping their long-delayed wind measuring module, and so I got mine and needed […]


Apple Links: My Thoughts on WWDC

I’ve been trying to get my head around WWDC this year. I wasn’t at WWDC, I headed out to Morro Bay for a few days off instead, but part of what I was doing there […]


I had my house rewired and lived!

For the better part of three weeks out of the last month, our house has been the domain of electricians, as we worked with them on what turned into almost a complete rewire project. This […]


Otterfest 2016

It was time to take a few days off, so I packed the car and drove down for a few days in Morro Bay to unplug and rewind. It’s that time of year in California […]


How time flies…

How time flies… it’s been two weeks since I posted, for which I apologize, but things have been a bit on the busy/crazy side. When I last wrote, I’d just had the fun of having […]



Well, the last ten days or so have been eventful. Laurie had a few days off between semesters so she took off to Reno and took in some games with the Aces. That gave me […]


P3 Portable Protein Packs

One thing that I’m starting to see are experiments in higher protein snacks. This is a good thing in its way, since I think it’s a hint that the fast food companies are starting to […]


2016 Playoffs: Cup Finals Prediction, Sharks in 6

I had this weird dream last night. In it, the Sharks were in the Stanley Cup finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Joe Thornton and Sydney Crosby. Malkin and Marleau. Letang and Burns. Murray (or Fleury) […]


Everything you know about eating is wrong

One way I get my head going on a new project is to ingest new information about the topic; it seems to get the brain chewing on the problem and gets me motivated to move […]


Geeking your Diet (and other stuff)

So, about that road trip to Washington… Remember that trip I was planning to Washington and the Olympic Peninsula? Well… Never mind… I woke up the morning after writing about it realizing I had no […]


Apple Links: Beyond the Apple Ecosystem (and other stuff Of Interest)

There’s been an interesting thing happening in the last few weeks — I’m seeing people who are all self-defined as being heavily committed to the Apple/IOS/Mac platform and ecosystem talking about feeling like they need […]


About the Intersection of “stupid” and “photography” (and other stuff Of Interest)

It seems like every day we see an article complaining about bad behavior by photographers. The latest is Photographers Have Become Like Pigeons, which goes off on some of the recent problems that have surfaced. […]