Over the holidays I spoke of a few secret projects, and now I get to tell you about one of them.

Christmas Cards by Mom

When my mom retired, she took up painting and enjoyed it immensely. Being who she was, she decided to start hand painting the family Christmas cards every year, and to her, that means painting every card individually, so imagine what it might take to do 50-60 cards every year and do it for 15+ years, since she started this in the mid-1980’s and continued it every year until almost 2000, when her arthritis and growing vision problems robbed her of the ability to continue painting.

Every year was a unique design, and every year 50 or so copies were painted by her and sent to her friends.

When I was going through her papers, I found her stash of the copies she kept for herself, and I put them in my files, always intending to get them scanned, cleaned up and digital for myself and my sister.

This last fall I finally did that, and then I loaded those into Photoshop and built a collage of them in a single large image. That image I then sent out to be printed and framed for my sister as a surprise Christmas gift, which she didn’t get until mid January because of that delay at Bay Photo I griped about.

Still she loved it, and I’m thrilled to be able to show them off to you as well.

By the way, I did once suggest to mom she could do a single reference copy and we could take a picture of it and have cards printed with it, and she was horrified at the idea. In case you were wondering. And that was so my mom.