Catching up on my backlog of photos that needed processing, here are a few galleries of images from some short shoots I’ve done in the last six weeks or so.

First, in November I made a few trips down to Coyote Valley. One big highlight: running into a Peregrine Falcon that had just made a kill of a Red-Winged Blackbird and was sitting on a pole feeding.

Peregrine eating a Red-Winged Blackbird

In early December, I took along the camera on one of my walks. Highlight of this was a visit by a Bewick’s Wren that scolded me for interrupting it as it foraged on a palm tree. Another highlight was finding the Bonaparte’s Gulls in the duck pond. They’re a species that’s usually away from people areas in the warmer months, but will move into places like this in the winter.

Bewick's Wren

And I did a couple of short trips out to the refuges, once with Laurie. Those are more social trips with her than photo trips, but I still had the camera and got a few nice images.

Northern Harrier

None of the trips were exceptional but each one gave me to opportunity to add a few nice photos that will be useful down the road.