I’ve been trying to travel out to the refuges as often as I can recently. Laurie and I did that a couple of weeks ago and I realized that an area of San Luis NWR that I’ve been wanting to photograph in fall colors was at peak, and so I made plans to get back the next week in hopes of catching the color before it failed. Unfortunately, we had some strong winds before I got back, and that impacted a lot of the color. Much of the color was gone, but fortunately, the location I most wanted to photograph was still in good shape.

I love the Central Valley refuges and one of the things I’ve wanted to do was shoot these areas as landscapes to help show the beauty of these areas, but once I pull out the birding lens I find I get a bit of tunnel vision and only see the birds. This trip was more about exploring the refuges and trying to bring out some of the other aspects of them, and I think this image more than succeeded at that.

Sunset at San Luis National Wildlife Refuge