In my digging around for podcasts to listen to, I did get a few recommended to me that I wanted to pass along to others who are looking for interesting content. Here are three podcasts that I think you might be interested in listening to.

On Taking Pictures

On Taking Pictures is a weekly podcast featuring a discussion between photographers Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman. The topics are wide ranging, and often this podcast feels more like it’s a discussion by two photographers than a chat about photography. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The discussions are wide ranging, recent episodes ranging from dissing the iPhone to whether museums are relevant in today’s world to the shift from digital to computational photography and what that might imply.

This is the podcast I got the most suggestions to try, and I see why. At the same time, it sometimes feels like I’ve sat down at a table in a coffee shop and the two old guys talking loudly enough that the entire shop is the audience.

The podcast is always high energy and the two hosts get along very well, and sometimes it’s a fascinating listen, and sometimes it veers off into get off my lawn cringeworthy, but I think I’m keeping it in my listening queue, but I won’t feel guilty if I decide not to finish a given episode.

Martin Bailey Podcast

Martin Bailey is a British photographer living in Japan, and he’s got a podcast that has been doing on for many years — as I write this it’s closing in on episode 600. This is a solo podcast and the audio you can subscribe to is pulled from a video version available off of his web site.

Topics range throughout the photography universe, from very technical discussions of photography topics (a recent podcast got into the science behind loss of sharpness due to diffraction at high apertures) to the various things going on in his business, especially his workshops.

Overall, it’s an interesting podcast, but the format is a problem for me. The audio-only version of the podcast doesn’t work well because it’s really tied to the video visuals. Since so much of my podcast listening is on the run, it’s not just that seeing the visuals is inconvenient, it’s impossible. And since my podcast app, like many, don’t support video podcasts, keeping track of this podcast is difficult for me — it turns it from a listening habit to remembering to go grab an episode, so I find I tend to miss them a lot when they come out.

If Bailey were to ask my advice on this, it’d be simple: self-hosting his video podcast may have made sense 500 episodes ago, but today, it’s limiting his audience. He should consider moving his operation to Youtube (as an example, take a look at David duChemin’s Vision is Better), and perhaps do away with the audio-only version completely. I think it would simplify his production challenges, widen his audience and make it a lot easier to find and consume for his audience.

But having said that, the content is generally worth putting in the effort to find and consume, although you really do want to use the video version, not the audio-only one. The latter loses too much being repeated by the visuals.

No Name Photo Show

A third podcast that I’m finding I really like is the No Name Photo Show, a two person discussion between photographer Brian Matiash and Sharky James. James is the host of the Petapixel podcast and has a background in newspaper photojournalism. Matiash is a landscape photographer who has worked for a number of well-known photography organizations including OnOne, Google’s Photo group, Sony and Wacom.

The talk sticks pretty closely to core photography issues; the most recent episode as I write this talked about copyright and thoughts on why more of us don’t register our photos properly even thought we know we should (and I agree, a publish module from Adobe in Lightroom to facilitate this would be awesome).

I ran into this one and decided to give it a try because I’ve followed Matiash on and off in the past and liked his work (I’m honestly not sure how he dropped off my radar), and the podcast didn’t disappoint. It’s interesting, the hosts get along well, they’ve researched the topics and it’s an entertaining listen. If there’s one podcast of these three I suggest you check out, it’s this one.

Oh, and that David duChemin channel I mentioned? Not the first time I’ve brought it up and it won’t be the last — you should check it out, too.