Month: November 2017

Getting from here to Launch

I have hit that point in my project where my inner voice starts telling me I’ve done enough research and now I’m avoiding moving the project forward — and it’s right. I’m also at that point where the Imposter’s Syndrome kicks in hard core and making progress becomes becomes difficult because I’m absolutely convinced I’m an idiot for doing the project and everyone is going to hate what I’m doing, so why bother? This happens almost every project to some degree or another; since so much of what I’m doing for this beast is outside my comfort zone, right now I get stressed just writing about being stressed about the project. It’s as if Stephen King has moved in with the voice in the back of my head to coach it in better ways to mock me. The thing is, that voice is right. I’ve shifted from trying to figure out how I should build the things I need for this new project to diving into Youtube videos about stuff I’ve already figured out, because doing the stuff is hard and scary. So, deep breath, and… It’s time to set a launch date, and then go and get ready for it. And the answer to the magic question is…. January 15. A couple of reasons to put the launch two months out. First, there’s a lot to do, and...

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Occam’s Fireaxe Episode 6: Love Letters

In today’s episode I go back to my early days as a Science Fiction fan and revisit Spider Robinson’s Callhan’s Bar series and talk a bit about what it meant to me at that point in time. I then take a look at the latest volume of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s St. Germain series, Sustenance, the series that really introduced me to historical fiction and made me a fan of that type of book. And oh, by the way, St. Germain is a vampire. Finally, a bonus recommendation for V.E. Schwab’s Vicious, a very good book that, by the way,...

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I’m doing a Youtube channel. Of course I need a new camera.

If you’d told me six months ago I was going to buy a new camera, and then a bunch of accessories for it, I’d have laughed and said “I’m good”. And yet, that’s exactly what I did. Here’s why. I’ve fallen down one of those crazy and wonderful rabbit holes. A while back I commented on the lack of photography podcasts I found interesting in a piece I title I’m Thinking of Starting a Photography Podcast (Please Stop Me). Fortunately, or unfortunately (choose one) nobody did stop me, and I kept poking at the idea and trying to figure out what might work and what I wanted to do. One of the early decisions I made was around the realization that some aspects of what I wanted to do just didn’t work in an audio-only production, and that meant that at least some of the content I was thinking about needed to be done as video. Which meant Youtube. I’ve been a casual user for years, but mostly of the style of “get a link, look, move on” type. Realizing I was starting to consider creating content for Youtube I decided I needed to dig in and see what was there and how I might fit in. Oh, my. It turns out there’s a large and vibrant photography community living on Youtube, because I’m not the only person who...

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