Month: August 2017

More thoughts on the future of the Touch Bar and TouchID

Much to my surprise my piece on the Touch Bar went viral and got widely distributed including a stint on Hacker News as well as Techmeme. 40,000 views later (and counting), it was a weekend with a lot of interesting and constructive feedback. That made me realize there’s a bit more to say about the Touch Bar, so I thought I’d pull my thoughts together here. Where Apple might be going with all of this If you look at the cost differences between the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro and the Touch Bar versions, there seems to be about a...

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The life and death of the touch bar: revisiting the MacBook Pro

(update 8/28: the discussion this piece has generated has been a lot of fun, and thank you for all of the reshapes and feedback. The discussions I’ve been in have led to some more clarity and some things I felt were worth a followup, which you can find in More Thoughts on the Touch Bar and TouchID — chuq) A few weeks ago I bought my iMac 5K for the home office (which I love), and that meant shifting away from using my MacBook Pro, a fall 2016 13” model with the Touch Bar and TouchID sensors that I’d...

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Three things I want from Apple in the next year

Apple watch workouts: while I’ve heard many suggest the biggest need for the Watch is an always on screen (which would be nice) or LTE so you don’t need the phone hand (which might be nice), what I want is even more basic but I haven’t heard anyone else bring it up: I want to no longer need to turn on a workout. It, like the always on screen is a function of battery life vs features, but I think the watch really shouldn’t have to be coached to start paying attention to what I’m doing. It should figure it out. I don’t mind giving it hints about my workout, but I shouldn’t really need to tell it the workout is starting: the data is there, in the GPS and pulse. It just needs to notice in a timely fashion. Sherlock Setapp: I think Setapp is a fascinating concept and it creates a good niche for developers who’s apps won’t work under a subscription model but still want to generate some income. I’m simply unconvinced that this “utility tier” app sharing service can really succeed independently on the Mac, and it’s impossible on IOS. So I’d really love to see Apple roll it out in the App Store on all platforms sometime in the next year (and sorry to the Setapp people for encouraging them to be Sherlocked, but...

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Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse. Here in Silicon Valley we didn’t get totality, but we did get about 75% coverage. I looked at traveling into totality, and decided the cost/hassle made staying home seem okay, so for this eclipse, I commuted out to my front driveway, Laurie and I set up chairs and the camera, and shot images from the beginning until close to the end when the camera battery gave out. I’m pretty happy with the results. I learned how I could do it better next time, too, but I think this is pretty nice. I also made...

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Say Hello to Hunter and Chance

Please say hello to Hunter and Chance. Hunter and Chance (their names for now, perhaps not permanent) came home with us today from the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Both neutered males about 3 months old and inseparable in the shelter, we are thrilled to be bringing them into our home. Tatiana the Cockatoo, not so much, but we’ll deal with that over time. That are both in their cloister room exploring and settling in. We’re told they’re both very high energy and outgoing and friendly cats, and our early experience confirms that. As they settle in, we’ll give them access to more of the house, but for now, their chance to get in trouble is somewhat restricted, although we have a bet with each other when the first one goes over the kiddie gates in the...

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