Month: June 2017

Another Rant about Printing your Images

I’ve written about this before but I wanted to rant about this a bit once again: if you aren’t printing out your images, you are missing a great opportunity to make your images better. I’ve been intending to get around to updating the images on my wall for a few weeks and a couple of nights ago, I fired up the printer and got started. The first image I started on was this one of the lighthouse on Bandon Harbor. This was a shot I made when I first started experimenting with long exposure images with ND filters, and...

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My take on WWDC 2017

A few months back I wrote Apple’s 2016 in Review, which took Apple to task with some problems I felt needed to be addressed. It got fairly wide distribution (thank you!) and a lot of constructive feedback, and because of it, I was really looking at WWDC this year as a bit of a test on whether Apple was figuring it out and fixing the problems I had seen. Oh, boy howdy. Lots of people have done a great job going in depth with what’s coming out of WWDC: if you haven’t already, please go check out the coverage...

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