Month: January 2017

2016 Favorite Podcasts

I’m compiling a few lists of favorite things as I exit 2016 and look forward to 2017 because I want to share these things with you in hopes that you’ll discover some new things that might make your favorites list for 2017. These lists are in no particular order, and I’m going to try to keep them short, with some explanation of why they made the list. Hope you find these interesting and useful, and if you have a favorite thing that didn’t make my list, pass it along, because I’m always looking for new things to enjoy as well My Favorite Podcasts, 2016 edition Over the last few years, I’ve really fallen in love with the podcast format. I’ll use them while traveling in the car, or in the office. What I can’t do is listen to podcasts and pretend to focus on other things, because it scrambles my brain, so I can’t use them as background material while doing other things, unless it’s really brainless things — so I’ll often be found catching up on few podcasts while using the Playstation to kill fantasy things in some video game or another. See, I’m really working while doing that. Really. quick snickering, okay? I’ll say up front that 90% of the podcasts I listen to come from two networks: Incomparable and Relay.FM. Jason Snell on the former and...

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How and Why I write for the blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogging, and I’ve had a couple of people ask me about how I decide what to blog about (or more correctly, “why did you write about that but haven’t talked about this other thing?”) And the first thing I have to convince myself before I’ll consider writing about it is that I have something interesting to say, and that I am adding the conversation, not just joining it. If I’m just saying what others are already saying, I’m wasting both my time in writing it and your time in reading it. So I try not to. I’ve also learned that I don’t write well trying to be first, or in the heat of the moment. I’ll let others speed out of the gate, and opt for a slower, thought out response. It’s interesting since I’ve started doing that and paying attention how often my initial reaction changes, sometimes radically, when I sit back and think it through. I try to not tell people what to think. I try to explain something so that people can think about it and make an informed decision. I’m not as interested about convincing you to my view as I am at encouraging you to think it through, and if you disagree, that’s still awesome. Thanks for thinking about it. I try to maintain a specific voice...

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Apple’s 2016 in review

This has been the winter of our discontent. 2016 was the year the tone changed. There’s always been a lot of criticism and griping about anything Apple does (and doesn’t do — it can’t win) but in 2016 I feel like the tone of the chatter about Apple changed and got a lot more negative. This is worrisome on a number of levels and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m used to watching people kvetch about the company, but this seems — different. One reason: a lot of the criticisms are correct. Apple, for the first time in over a decade, simply isn’t firing on all cylinders. Please don’t interpret that as “Apple is doomed” because it’s not, but there are things it’s doing a lot less well than it could — and has. Apple’s out of sync with itself. Here are a few of the things I think indicate Apple has gotten itself out of kilter and is in need of some course correction. Missing Ship Dates Apple rarely missed ship dates, and rarely missed them by much. But over the last year or so, we’ve seen a number of products announced with shipping dates that were pushed out, and out, and out, or met by small shipments that woefully struggled with demand. Last year it was the pencil, and now, we’re seeing a similar challenge...

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