Month: November 2016

MacBook Pro first impressions

I ordered the 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar a couple of hours after the event, and it arrived on the 17th. Since then, I’ve spent a full day setting up the machine, tearing down my office and reconfiguring it to make room for the new beast, and I’ve been trying out various tasks to see how well the unit handles them. Overall, I’m very happy with it. Mine is the 13” with 16Gb of RAM, the upgraded 3.3GHz dual core processor and a 1TB SSD. It is replacing a late 2013 15” MacBook pro with a 2.2Ghz quad...

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Some updates and appearances

It’s probably overdue on a personal update, but a lot of stuff’s being bouncing around and a bit crazy. First, a couple of really quick updates: And having had the electrical and plumbing in the house reworked this summer, I decided to be a glutton for punishment and next week, the HVAC folks are arriving to install a new furnace and rework some of the ducting to help us fix some forever airflow problems here in the house. The current furnace is fine but 20 years old, so as long as we’re fixing the infrastructure of the house, it’s time to put in a new one before this one breaks. So that’s two days of watching the experts do their work without cussing (much) around here. When we’re done with this, the house should be more comfortable, and we’d down to needing to do more cosmetic work rather than in the guts of the place. And the bathroom. And the kitchen. but… that’ll be in 2017, after the holidays. I think. No other travel on the docket, except for short trips out to photograph on the refuges this winter, which I’ve been trying to set up but I seem to find my calendar booked… But I’m hoping to get up to Sacramento NWR before Thanksgiving and see what’s happening. On the photographic side, this photo earned a Merit Award...

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Apple’s marketing on one slide.

Today has been a fascinating day, many many conversations about Apple and a lot of great feedback. It’s had me thinking about this more and trying to understand some of the aspects of this that I hadn’t really gotten clear in my head. In terms of the event itself, I find I’m using this variations of this phrase in many conversations: Apple did a great job of introducing two new trees while ignoring the forest dying of drought around us. The more I think about it, the more I think that sums up my discomfort with the announcements this week. This afternoon I had a nice long talk with an old friend who has a lot of experience doing marketing within the Apple ecosystem. And at one point, I said “You know what we need? We need this — and he agreed with me completely.” Remember This? It’s — The Grid. In 1997, Steve introduced his new philosophy for what products should have using this grid. 20 years later, we’re now trying to make sense of the Mac product line and we seem confused, so I decided to sit down and try to sort it out a bit. So here we are, the New Grid: I have consciously left off some of the legacy laptops (anything without USB-C because they’re there for special purposes or are transitioning towards end...

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