I’ve recently added new toy to the collection that I liked enough I wanted to share it with you:

Studio Neat’s Material Dock

I saw an article about Studio Neat’s new Material Dock and immediately decided I wanted it. The dock itself has a wood base with Cork bumpers to support the phone and watch. The Watch works in nightstand mode, and from the product images, it looked nice.

And happily, now that I have it on my desk, I was right and it’s a pretty, functional product. The phone docks on it easily — not quite as painless as my old Twelve-South dock, but close — and having one dock for both devices de-clutters the office a tiny bit. Charging of both is reliable, which I haven’t been able to say for some watch stands. It replaces my Native Union dock for the Watch, which I may repurpose into the bedroom, since I really like it, too.

The one downside: you can’t really get to the home button on the phone while docked, so you’ll have to remove the phone to use it; on the Twelve South stand, you could manipulate the phone in place.