Free Desktop Wallpapers


I decided it was time to create some new wallpapers for my system, and I figured if I was going to create them for myself, why not share them? So I am! You can grab any of these by clicking on them to go over to my smugmug site, and then download the full-sized image using the download button in the lower right corner.

On a Mac, you can use these by storing them in a folder somewhere on your disk, and then using the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane to add that folder to the screen saver and select the images. These are sized for my monitor, which is a big (2560×1080) screen; if that’s too wide for your screen, then set the screen save to Center to make them fit better. .

Like these? Share this page with your friends and on your social streams so your friends can enjoy them, too! Want them in another size? If I get enough interest in a specfic size, I’ll look into creating versions for you in that size.


Sea Otters Hanging out

Sea Otter mom with pup

Firehole Spring, Yellowstone

Mono Lake Sunset

Sunrise at South Tufas, Mono Lake

White-Faced Ibis with a Crawfish

Snow Goose

Face in Rock in the Fog, Bandon

Wilson's Snipe

Ross's Geese

Sandhill Crane in flight, Isenberg Crane Refuge

Sea Otters shakes it up

Morro Bay Harbor Panorama

Want them all? You can download a zip file of these wallpapers here.