Apple’s fall product event: September 7


So as expected Apple has sent out invites for their fall event and that’s for next week on the 7th. For some reason, it seems my invite got lost in the mail (again), so I’ll again be sitting on the sidelines and watching the event from the sidelines, most likely based on the coverage by Jason and Dan at Unless I’m in a court room and off the internet, since I have jury duty that week…

This is traditionally when the new iPhone is announced, and there’s strong speculation that the 2nd generation watch will be announced as well. It’s our normal cycle for replacing phones (Laurie and I are still on iPhone 6) so I’m expecting to spend money on new phones. Which ones? Unclear, because there are indications the new big phone has an upgraded camera, which is tempting, but I much prefer the smaller form factor, and I won’t know until after the details come out what I’ll be doing.

Will I upgrade to the new watch? I don’t know. I expect WatchOS 3 will push the watch forward in a big way, so people worrying about their first gen watch becoming obsolete should be pleasantly surprised, unless they just have a thing for always having the latest and greatest. I might, but it’s low on my priority list.

But… Macbooks?

Will Apple announce its new macbooks next week, or wait until later? I hope it’s next week, but there’s a lot of uncertainty about this. So much for how Apple can’t keep secrets any more…

But I’m in the market for a new laptop, once Apple announced their new ones. My current 15″ MacBook Pro (2013) is perfectly fine, honestly, but it’s, well, big and heavy. A nice workhorse, but it’s a workhorse that I almost never undock from the desk any more. I’ve been very tempted to pick up one of the 12″ macbooks for working mobile, but I wanted to see what the new Macbook Pros looked like before a final decision.

In a perfect world, I’d love a 13″ Macbook Pro with a good processor and GPU and the standard features the MPB bring with it, and with the new model, USB C and Thunderbolt 3. I don’t think it’s unreasonable guess there’ll be a 13″ screen with processing that matches or beats my existing 15″ model using a lot less power in a smaller form factor.

Where are the Macbooks? Apple’s caught a lot of justified criticism for letting their product line go stale, but it seems they made some decisions that came back to bite them in terms of components (especially delays by Intel). And the new rumored books have hardware with a lot of new technology, which implies they can’t be supported until Mac OS Sierra ships. It also looks to me like the Sierra betas are coming along faster than in past years, making me think they’re pushing for an earlier release this year: maybe not next week, but sometime in September. And the Macbook hardware is blocked by the OS release, and the other things Apple maybe doing (new Cinema display?) can’t be released until the CPUs support them, and…

And so Apple made some choices that have messed up their product cycles big time, but it now looks like that logjam is about to break loose.

My perfect world scenario? I’d love to see new Mac Minis released along with the new MacBook pros, because I already have invested in a really nice monitor and so I’m not really interested in moving to the iMac G5, but I’d love a Mac Mini with the same performance package as that computer, and a Macbook for mobile work to go with it. Or a really nice, fast 13″ Macbook pro.

I’m going to be really curious what surprises come out of next weeks event, because while we think we know most of the high level details, it’s what doesn’t leak out of Apple that I find most interesting.

So, the waiting is almost over. Unless the laptop announcements are pushed out to later. But man, I hope not.. Here’s hoping that a release date for Sierra and some new hardware that uses it shows up next week…