I’ve typically not submitted images to many contests — something I’m working to raise in my priority list — but I have over the last few years is the annual photo contest for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, which is one of the organizations I’ve been supporting and volunteering for. This is one of their fundraisers and so I’m happy to donate them some money to join in. Given how many good nature photographers we have here in the Bay Area, I’m also happy to not win, because I know many of the competitors and they do awesome work.

I’ve just put together my submissions for 2016 and I think these are a rather good set, so I thought I’d show them off here as well. All of these were shot in California and most of them around the Wildlife Refuges I visit. What isn’t in here, and it’s something I’ve realized I need to fix, is that there are relatively few top quality images in my collection from my home base here in Santa Clara County. So.. Planning is afoot on that.

Here are the ten images I’ve submitted to this contest this year. And if you are wondering why I did the piece on reprocessing images yesterday here on the blog, this is why. In fact, seven of the images ended up getting reprocessed to get ready for this, but most of them were minor updates with a fresh resharpening, since I’ve gotten a lot smarter about that over the years.


Least Sandpiper

American Bittern

Long-billed Curlew

Sandhill Cranes Dancing

Bald Eagle perching on a snag

White-Faced Ibis with a Crawfish

Snow Goose in Flight

Wilson's Snipe

Red-tailed Hawk on a Kill

Sandhill Crane in flight, Isenberg Crane Refuge