As 2015 winds down it’s traditional to take a look back and evaluate the year. For me, 2015 was a really strange year photographically, given that for about six months I literally did not take the cameras out of the bag — and yet when I did, I seemed to generate a good number of quality images, so even though I took no pictures between the start of February and July except for work, I still ended up with a number of images added to the collection only about 10% below my yearly normals, and of those, a fairly high percentage of good quality results.

So while I can complain about not being able to get out and shoot, but the end result is a pretty good year of images. I’ve been fighting my landscapes this year, not really feeling comfortable trying to take them and not particularly happy with the results, which seem blah and generic. I’ve been trying to break past that by exploring a bit into long exposure, or by stepping back and working more on documentary shooting around the refuges as a way to reboot my eye for the landscape, but so far, that lack of a comfort zone or any particular vision of what I want to shoot continues. On the other hand, I decided to refocus on the bird photography more and I’ve been very happy with the results overall. For now, I’m mostly just doing what seems interesting and not worrying about the results too much, but I hope to push past this in 2016 and get back to creating more interesting landscapes as well.

Gear wise, I made a few improvements to my gear: Upgraded from my venerable Canon 7D to a 7D Mark II, upgraded my Fuji gear to the 18-135 lens (replacing the 18-55 and 55-200), and finally pushing beyond 400mm by buying the Sigma 150-600, which I’m really learning to like a lot.

You can also look at these over on my Smugmug site.

And now, onward into 2016!