Taking a break…

So I took a break from the blog…

With everything going on the last few months, I realized I was worn out, physically and emotionally. That was a big reason why I took the week off in October and wandered off to Oregon, because I needed some serious unplug time.

Returning from that, though, I realized I was in a lot better state mentally but still not really where I wanted to be, so I decided to pull back and crawl into a virtual hole for a while and take it easy for a bit to allow the batteries to trickle charge, so I put all my projects and this place on hold and stopped worrying about getting things done.

What’d I do instead? I bought myself a Playstation 4 and a copy of Elder Scrolls, dialed up a Redguard Assassin, grabbed a sword and a bow and started diving through the dungeons. For me this is a great way to put the brain into auto pilot and not think too hard. I’ve done this before when I’ve needed a break but can’t get away from work — and for me, it works.

I figured if I just unplugged until about Thanksgiving it’d take care of most of it, and I seem to be about right; a week ago I did some re-arranging of the home office, which is always a sign I’m starting to get the “get back to work already” vibe starting, and earlier this week, Molag Bal fell and my now level 50 Companion is now off running around Coldharbour cleaning up pockets of resistance.

Oh, and I’ve started taking pictures again, and Laurie and I went out to Merced NWR over the holiday where I got to put my new Sigma 150-600 lens through its paces.

And I’ve got most of my christmas shopping done, but don’t tell anyone. Next up? Get the tree up this week…

You should see more from here here on a fairly regular basis moving forward again, and some other changes coming down the pike. One starting piece is visible now, I’ve started moving my photos back to SmugMug. This is the first piece of a post-pivot simplification of my online life, where sometime next year (when I get around to it) I expect to merge the two blogs and move them from my own hosted wordpress to (probably) Squarespace. I’ll talk more about all of this when I get closer to actually doing it, assuming I don’t change my mind again, but the goal is since I’m no longer trying to build out a “professional me” and a “personal me” to simplify and make my life easier and less complicated. By, of course, adding work to the to-do list to get there… (because that always happens)

And now to figure out what game to play next… Fallout 4? Any other suggestions?