New Toy — Canon 7d Mk II

It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, for which I apologize. If you don’t read my personal blog, unfortunately life intervened, and I’m just starting to be able to sit down and put the time into getting the blogs and email back onto some sort of a schedule. There’s still a lot of estate work to grind through, and I’ll be back in SoCal in a week or so, but I really needed to take a week and get caught up at work and simply try to get my life back into a normal routine again, too.

I’ve spent some time looking at the list of writing topics I had for this site and the mail list, and the plans and proposed dates. I was hoping to reboot the Before and After the end of June, and here we are July and I haven’t started. So all the dates get thrown out, all of the content ideas get re-evaluated, and it’s effectively a massive reboot.

It’s also time to take pictures again. I did my normal event work at Cisco Live, which I thought went pretty well, and I’ll get those online soon. I did spend some time pulling out all of the gear, charging batteries, cleaning lenses and organizing things in the bags, and tonight I may try to do some fireworks shooting (or maybe not, I might just enjoy the show), and tomorrow I think I’ll grab the bags and head out and see what happens.

I did decide that after the last few weeks I deserved a cookie, and so I went and bought myself this:


Yes, that’s a Canon 7D Mark II, due to replace my long-loved Canon 7D body, which Laurie will be adopting. And yes, at one point I had said I didn’t think I’d buy this and instead opt for the less expensive 70D.  I’ll go into more detail about the thought processes that led to this upgrade in the next three dot mailing list (not subscribed? go here) but what finally made me choose the 7DmkII was the autofocus, especially with the firmware update to improve it Canon released. That, and the price: Canon had a $300 instant rebate on it, and it turned out my camera store was doing a “we pay the tax” promo, so this cost me $1499 instead of what would have been closer to $2k. The big question for me was not “70D or 7DmkII?” but “do I spent the extra on the 5DmkIII?” and I simply couldn’t or wouldn’t justify that, although it was tempting.

I’ve done some quick test shooting, but nothing in the field, and I love the feel and the ergonomics and the AF seems incredibly fast and crisp. More on this once I get it out in the field.

I’m trying to get everything back on a publishing cycle and will try to get the three dot lists back on a weekly or every-other-week cadence soon. As far as the Before and After reboot, I need to regroup revamp the plan and the dates, and see what it’ll take to make it happen at the quality I want. I’m guessing — Labor Day? But I don’t know for sure.

Until I get further into working on the details of Mom’s estate, I don’t know what this means in terms of my ability to take time off or road trip. I’m guessing most of my PTO for the next few months will be tied to Southern California and Lawyers and Paperwork. Not complaining, since she was worth it, but it may mean my photography opportunities will still be limited. We’ll see.

but that’s okay, looking at my Todo lists for these sites, I have plenty in the backlog to work on for you…