Month: May 2015

The Sharks Hire Peter DeBoer

The Sharks coaching sweepstakes are done, and Peter DeBoer is the winner. Or the loser — time will tell. David Pollack in his Working the Corners got a chance to dig in with some of the basic questions with the new coach. DeBoer was most recently coach of the New Jersey Devils (2011 to 2014). Prior to that he coached the Florida Panthers in 2008-2011. He’s gone to the NHL playoff’s once in seven seasons and lost to the Kings in the Cup Final that year (2011-12), but seriously: Panthers and Devils. that answers my first question: he’s already a winner. DeBoer was one of the final candidates for the Sharks coaching position last time it was open, ultimately having it go to McLellan. Doug Wilson made the comment that his being available again this time seemed karma, so it seems he was the candidate who had to lose the position from the start. The other strong candidate for the job was Dan Bylsma (formerly Pittsburgh, now Buffalo), with other names mentioned including Dave Lowry and Rob Zettler, both up and coming coaches and former Sharks players — in Zettler’s case, and ex-teammate of Wilson in the early Sharks days. I’m going to be curious to see if either Lowry or Zettler end up on DeBoer’s staff. DeBoer is considered an up-tempo, strong defense, puck possession coach who is...

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Thoughts on the next Shark head coach

So Babcock ended up in Toronto, which surprised me a bit at the time but in hindsight, not really. And McClellan ended up in Edmonton, which didn’t surprise me at all. Now that Babcock has settled into his new challenge, I expect the rest of the coaching positions to start filling fairly quickly. Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy had a great summary of the winners and losers as the dust settles in Detroit — in reality, Detroit isn’t a loser here, since if you think about it, Babcock hasn’t gotten the team deep into the playoffs for a number of years and was clearly thinking he needed a fresh challenge. This trend of coaches deciding they need to move before teams fire them is an interesting one that I am curious to see if it continues (my guess: yes) But what does this mean for the Sharks? The Sharks were never seriously in the Babcock sweepstakes and weren’t going to put up the kind of money for a coach that the Leafs did. There are plenty of candidates, and if you read the various sources, Peter DeBoer is a leading candidate, as is Dan Bylsma (my original idea as a good choice). Rob Zettler (ex-Shark, ex Vancouver Giant and current Syracuse Crunch coach) was another candidate that’s been talked about, but one other name has surfaced that intrigues me:...

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Predicting the next coach for the Sharks

Okay, it’s probably less of a prediction and more of a guess. Let’s just say from the beginning that San Jose won’t land Mike Babcock. My guess is that Babcock will stay in Detroit, and if he leaves Detroit, I expect the most likely destinations will be Toronto or Philly. I’ve been watching the pundits talking about possible candidates. As usual, the Sharks play their cards close to their chest and don’t say (or leak) much. The first name that came to my mind was former Penguins coach Dan Bylsma, but I haven’t seen much chatter indicating he’s being considered by the Sharks or anyone else. Some of the names that are surfacing are interesting: Ken Hitchcock, currently with the Blues, seems to be in the same “considering my options” limbo as McLellan was; same with Dave Tippett in Phoenix. Um, Arizona. Peter DeBoer is also being whispered as a candidate. The most interesting name that’s surfaced is former Shark Rob Zettler, who has been coaching the Syracuse Crunch for the last two years, and prior to that, the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey league. Zettler played with Wilson on those early, awful Sharks teams so they know each other well. He was considered a very good coach in the WHL and his two seasons in the AHL show about a .500 record, but a big improvement in...

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