Month: October 2014

Should you Workshop? Why I took Michael Frye’s Fall Foliage workshop

Two weeks ago Laurie and I headed out to Lee Vining for a week where we participated in one of Michael Frye‘s fall foliage workshops. this one has been on my ToDo list for a couple of years, and we finally had the time to make it happen. Was it worth it? Oh, baby…. That’s mono lake’s South Tufas at dawn. As is typical of a landscape shot, what you don’t see here is a pre-dawn alarm, a drive in the dark, a long hike in 40 degree dark along an unpaved path, and a couple of hours of fairly bland light which sandwiched a few moments of stunning dawn color. Another thing you don’t see here are two of my workshop compatriots, who got cloned out of this shot… So, why a workshop? And if you’ve never taken a workshop and are curious, what are they like? This was my first organized workshop; from research and talking to others, Michael’s format is fairly typical. The workshop started after lunch on Wednesday and concluded around lunchtime on Saturday, giving you three full days of shooting and instruction over four days. The first day started with introductions and some basic discussion and instruction, and then everyone headed out for an afternoon shoot. As the light faded we then shifted back to Mono Lake to try for a sunset. The next morning...

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State of the Chuq, revising the five year plan edition

Even before recent events, I’d been evaluating my online presence and my time commitments and trying to decide if my time and money expenditures were in line with my priorities (how to figure this out might make an interesting blog post or two if there’s interest). Then I had my recent little oopsie, and it became clear some things needed to be re-arranged. Life at Cisco (six months in, they haven’t discovered me as a fraud and fired my butt) continues to be awesome, but keeping me extremely busy. That’s not going to change. I am having a ball and they keep throwing crazy stuff at me to do, but I’m finding it a challenge to make sure I stay focussed on that work and try to get everything else I’m doing done well. That alone says “time to simplify things” And then, the one message given to me repeatedly in talking to the doctors recently is that it’s time to stop talking about finding time for exercise and start exercising. And so I am, slowly, but it’s started. And so I have to carve out time and energy for that, and I can’t give myself excuses to let it slack (again). Last I looked, there were only 24 hours in a day. I’ve learned the hard way that cutting sleep time is a bad idea. While I’m not...

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Not Dead Yet #3 — A Week Later

So, it’s been another week and I’m not dead yet. About ten days from the event, and probably time for an update. For the first couple of days everything moved hyper-fast, almost in a blur. And then it slowed way, way down. I got cleared to go back to work on Friday and planned to start up again Monday, and then didn’t — I realized I needed to get away a bit and start getting my head around this, so I grabbed my camera gear (remember that stuff?) and headed down to Moss Landing, where I shot for a few hours. Nothing epic but that doesn’t matter. It gave me a chance to get away from phones and email and noise and distraction and just spend some good quality time with myself and my thoughts. And, it should be noted, I’d realized the worst thing I could do for myself was come out of that event and just jump right back into work as if nothing had happened. Most of the weekend was spent resting, and then Monday I took half a day and made it for me. Then I came home and started digging through the email… First full day back was Tuesday, and for the last couple of hours I was dog tired. Wednesday I paid for it and I was feeling worn out the entire day....

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