Why I threw out my bucket list. Should you?

Like many people I’ve kept a so-called bucket list of things I want to do someday. Unlike most of you, I decided to throw mine out about a year ago. I happened to run into an old copy of it in my archives this week, and it made me think about explaining why I got rid of it.

I realized the bucket list was an excuse to not do anything. It’s a fake accomplishment. It makes you think you’ve done something, by deciding that you’ll do something “someday”, so you don’t actually have to try to make it happen.

I’m at that age where far too often I get that reminder that “someday” may not come.

I decided that  matters to me is not what I might do someday, but what I should do next — and then I should work to do that.

For your amusement, here’s my bucket list from about a year ago, minus two items that I removed from it. The first was to get back to Yellowstone, which I did for a week in June, and the second was to shoot fall foliage in the Eastern Sierra, which Laurie and I are doing in October in a workshop with Michael Frye.

Will I forget something on my bucket list? probably, but if I do, then it probably wasn’t that important. I certainly won’t run out of things to do in the next decade or three, with or without the list.

  • grand canyon
  • fall in Utah
  • haida gwaii
  • polar bears in churchill
  • drive to alaska
  • ferry from port hardy -> prince rupert -> skidegate (and back)
  • yellowstone in january/february
  • banff
  • glacier
  • white sands
  • yellowstone for a month in september/october
  • File an ebird report in every county in California (and take picture of birds in every county)

Yes, Yellowstone is on that list two more times. Not a mistake, but the winter trip isn’t happening until I get down under 250, because getting outfitted would be insane.

So what’s next after the October trip? Not sure yet. I am seriously thinking of a winter trip up into the Klamath refuges, perhaps with a side trip to Crater Lake. I’m pondering whether it’s time to get to the Grand Canyon and if so, do I want to go north rim after it opens? Whatever it is, I’m going to put more energy into getting there than worrying about someday.

How about you? Is your bucket list an excuse to not do it?

What’s next for you? And when will it happen?