Month: April 2014

2014 NHL Playoff Predictions

It’s a tradition. Even thought I don’t talk hockey that much these days, I still want to put my playoff predictions out there for all to see and laugh at. Annual warning: if you use these predictions to do any betting, you are an idiot. Note that I’m not. My track record is probably better than random chance, but not that much better (but it is well beyond the Panther’s power play results this season….) A quick comment on the new playoff seeding the NHL is using this year: I like it. There’s a strong emphasis on in-division matchups which I really like.  To the NHL, I have to say ‘Well done’. This year I’m really torn between what my head says and what my heart says. Because of this, in some cases I’m going to give both a “head” (what the objective me thinks) and a “heart” (what my gut and personal preferences are) say. Eastern Conference Detroit (WC 2) vs Boston (Atlantic 1): Give it to Detroit; they found a way to make the playoffs; earned their way in, but barely. I hate betting against them because they find ways to make it happen. But against Boston? Boston’s a powerhouse, and I really love how they play. I do think Detroit will go down fighting, and this is a series I plan on watching as much of...

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Back from Yosemite

Back from a couple of quickly planned days in Yosemite. With the early closing of Badger Pass, I noticed that rooms were available from spring skiiers who canceled and so I scheduled myself in for two nights at the Lodge at the Falls. The Lodge has just finished a $10m renovation and it was money well spent. My room was quite pleasant. I’ve commented in the past that staying at the Lodge sometimes felt like ending up in a 70’s Travelodge, but while the buildings are the same, the interiors have been significantly upgraded. Not spa-like or resort-type accommodations, but comfortable and very much in tune with the location; the facility knows who gets top billing here and didn’t try to do too much.  They’ve put a lot of energy into sustainability which I appreciate. Overall, I have to give the Lodge update top marks. I do enjoy the restaurant at the Lodge; had an extremely nice piece of Salmon one night, a very nice steak the second. The wine list is solid but not adventurous but fits the food well. And I want to call out a thanks for their petite dessert options, which are smaller servings that let you finish the meal without a huge sugar overload. I hope more restaurants make the move away from 800 calorie sugar bombs… Breakfast the first day was at the...

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