Month: August 2013

An open letter to aspiring professional photographers

(I got asked by someone I know tonight who asked the question we all consider at some point: Am I ready to try to make money with my camera? How do I do this? It’s a topic I’ve been meaning to cover here for a while, so I wrote it not just for him, but for all photographers who’ve had that “Hey, I’m pretty good with a camera, I can make money doing this” thought. As someone who’s done that myself and did some serious research and soul searching into the decisions I made, I’m hoping this may help some of you avoid what I think is a road to disappointment for many. If you have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them… Hey — You’ve since shifted away from all that, and your photography/blog posts about your process suggest to me that you’re pursuing this sort of thing somewhat (in addition to whatever day job you’re doing My day job is still building and running communities, now for Infoblox, which builds network management appliances. It’s a fun gig, and a lot less chaotic than Palm was. The photography is still a hobby and at this point, I don’t see that changing. I am starting to look at ways I might be able to create some secondary income off of it, but that’s actually more writing about photography...

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A very mild defense of in-app purchases

A very mild defense of in-app purchases « John Moltz’s Very Nice Web Site: I come not to praise in-app purchases but to not bury them. Really, I hate the in-app purchase racket. I hate how it’s abused by so many developers. I will always favor an app that has a list price and no in-app purchases over one that’s going to nickel and dime me or even just make me pay to unlock levels or features. The in-app purchase racket preys on people like the lottery. Pay another dollar and maybe you could win today! Oops, not today! Well, see you tomorrow! Turns out, surprise, a lot of people like the freemium model The thing is, the in-app model can work for both sides. It potentially solves a number of problems for developers. It was a big push for webOS, back in the day, to try to create opportunities for the developers, and it’s turning into a useful tool for developers when used intelligently.  And yes, it can be abused, but that’s true of pretty much everything.  How does it help developers? It saves developers from the pain of having to deal with the “free trial” app and the “paid full” app. you can ship one app and use in-app to unlock the paid features. the pain of this “one app in two” are legion, starting with the...

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