Month: October 2012

The Winter of our Hockey Discontent

I’m not entirely sure where to go about the current hockey situation. It sucks. Basically, a third of the season has been cancelled. The All-star game and Winter Classic are rumored to be cancelled within a week. December’s games probably aren’t too far behind that, so that teams can start booking other dates into their buildings.  This now looks to be a long-term, perhaps all-season, thing.  Right now, to put it bluntly, this is primarily because the owners are taking a hard line and refusing to have meaningful negotiations.  Unless you want to define “meaningful negotiations” as “take this offer or starve”, because however the NHL owners want to spin it, that’s their position right now. They’re willing to discuss which fonts to use to print out the CBA on paper and whether or not first lines in paragraphs are indented or flush, but that’s pretty much the only things they seem interested in offering any flexibility on.  Up until now, I was more or less just ignoring things and not getting worked up over it because it was clear early on that these two sides weren’t going to find an agreement until it hurt, and it wasn’t going to hurt until some games were lost. I didn’t think it was going to be this entrenched.  It seems as if the league is fully willing to give up an...

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The NHL Lockout continues. And likely will, for a while.

For a day or two, it seemed like some hope was shining through the murky clouds of the NHL lockout. That hope has been dashed. I now feel this is going to go on for a while. It doesn’t have to, but it will. the NHL put out with a lot of publicity a new, improved proposal. It seemed finally one side had moved off its position enough for some serious negotiation to begin. The two sides sat down. the NHLPA made some counter proposals working off of the NHL’s proposal.  The NHL walked out.  And cancelled games.  Fan’s hopes plummeted.  My bottom line: it continues to be the reality that there’s very little common ground for the two sides to negotiate to a final deal. The league’s position is that teams are losing money, and they will fix that by taking money away from the players.  The player’s position is that there’s plenty of money if the owners just share among themselves more, but they are happy to be part of the solution to the problem of some teams losing money. Just not all of it.  The League’s view is “take it or leave it”.  The player’s view is “let’s see if we can find a way to make this happen, but what you want to happen isn’t going to happen”. There is no “let’s just split this...

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